How to Write an Effective Property Listing

In real estate, small things really add up to make a large impact. Property listing descriptions may not seem like the end-all-be-all but they can truly influence a potential buyer. There are many ways to approach them and actually, quite a bit of research as well! Make sure you write the best listing possible with the following tips:

1. Keep it 250 words or less!

Zillow has done lots of research on this and they say this is the optimum word count to make your description pack a punch.


2. Be as detailed as possible!

The way you word things will have a huge impact on the buyer's impression of the home. Saying the home is stunning or beautiful is not as powerful as telling a buyer why that’s true. Use your descriptions to create an idea of what living in the home would be like. 


For example, if your property has a living room with great windows to let in the sunlight, perhaps describe it as, “Enjoy your morning coffee while basking in the natural sunlight from the large picture windows.” 


3. Avoid Simply Listing Facts

5 beds and baths is a great thing to know about a property but the potential buyer can see that elsewhere! Use your description to talk about facts not listed! What are the floors made of? Is that a Viking Stove? Let the buyer know all the amazing amenities in a descriptive format. 


4. Check out Zillow’s Words to Use/Avoid List!

Zillow has lists of the most effective words to use based on price points. The top 5 words to use (generally) are…

  • Luxurious
  • Captivating
  • Impeccable
  • Stainless
  • Basketball

Surprising right? The word basketball is in reference to a basketball court but they say lower-priced homes “sold for 4.5 percent more than expected.” You can see the rest here! (hyperlink)


They also have a list of words that often lower the price of the home. These include…

  • Fixer
  • TLC
  • Cosmetic
  • Investment
  • Investor

There are lots of rationals as to why these words (and more) should be avoided that you can read here! (hyperlink)


6. Lastly, Double Check and Check Again!

There is little more off-putting than spotting errors on property listings! Do yourself a favor and double and then triple check your description before posting! Make sure you’ve got all your commas in and that the verbiage sounds natural. One great trick is to read your description out loud! Oftentimes, errors are easier to hear than see.