Why Should I Work With a LeadingRE Company?

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When a real estate brokerage firm has an outstanding record for setting the industry standard in their region, they become eligible to apply for membership with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, or LeadingRE, whose mantra is “Making the Best Brokerages Better.” LeadingRE is a collection of the world’s best brokers, and grants its members the following advantages:

  • LeadingRE’s membership boasts more top-market companies ranked #1 in market share than any other network

  • Only industry-leading real estate companies are considered for membership

  • LeadingRE has more sales in the top 500 brokerages than any competing network

  • Leading RE’s member companies have access to exclusive continuing education in cutting-edge technologies designed to benefit member brokers, development managers, relocation professionals, IT and marketing team members, and sales staff

  • Leading RE is proud to have a truly global network of member brokers across 65 countries and access to 565+ premier international companies. Member brokers are encouraged to share their ideas and strategies as well as their referrals and development opportunities

  • Lead Generation resulting in 30,000 – 40,000 referrals exchanged each year

  • Internet traffic and leads from LeadingRE.com, with no referral fees

  • Corporate relocation referrals from LeadingRE’s sister relocation management firm, RELO Direct®, Inc.

  • Members have access to Luxury Portfolio International®, the comprehensive real estate listing program designed to exclusively market high-end real estate to affluent clientele. Brokers also have access to proprietary technology and tools, including a members-only social network and intranet, online referral management, shared client testimonials, and the industry gold standard Website Quality Certification for member organizations

  • Members benefit from LeadingRE’s Marketing and Branding, with global property exposure, effective listing tools, and professional marketing collaterals

  • In a market environment that grants benefits for every small advantage, LeadingRE greatly boosts the business growth opportunities for every member broker.

While many companies use “global” as a buzz word, LeadingRE truly represents the power of global connections, having created a powerful international influence long before the current obsession with claiming global relevance. Our members have an interconnected sphere of influence that spans the globe yet remains exclusive to market-leading brokerage firms that share the values of high performance, local knowledge, rapport with an elite clientele, and a dedication to global connection.

LeadingRE’s world-wise perspective has made them the premier real estate network for investment groups, relocation management firms, investment groups, and multinational corporations, and every member firm shares in their international success.

In short, becoming associated with a LeadingRE company such as Parks will give you the opportunity to seize professional success on a global scale.

Get to Know a Parks Agent: Lacey Newman

Heard Newman Team
Green Hills
12 years of experience
2 years with Parks


Lacey Newman has been selling real estate in Nashville since 2005 and has been with Parks in Green Hills since 2015. Lacey and her partner, Jonathan Heard, specialize in representing builders and developers and selling new construction homes in and around the Green Hills area. In addition, they work with buyers and sellers of residential resale properties throughout Nashville. 

From the Atlanta area, Lacey graduated with a bachelor's degree in corporate communication from the College of Charleston in 2002, and a master of mass communication from the University of Georgia in 2003. Lacey moved to Nashville in 2003 and spent two years in pharmaceutical sales before beginning her real estate career. She couples expertise in communication, public relations, and marketing with her real estate experience to provide excellence and professionalism in both buyer and seller representation.

Lacey lives in Green Hills with her two children, Pierce and Victoria. 

Apps You Can't Live Without:
Google Calendar, Weather Channel, Simple Habit Meditation

One Thing You're Happy to Splurge On:
A great bag

What Would Your Dream Home Include?
A fully stocked wine cellar

Your Motto
If you're going to be dumb, you better be tough!

Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in Your Community

If You Hadn't Gotten Into Real Estate, What Would You Be Doing?
Marketing and Public Relations

What Is the Key To Success?

What Gave You a Magnificent Life in 2017?
Hiring an assistant so that I can pick my kids up from school again!

My best friend went to Italy by herself in December. After a few days, she called and said she wanted to extend her trip. I told her that if she wasn't coming home, then I was coming! I booked a ticket on Sunday and flew to Rome on Monday, and spent 6 beautiful days in Italy before Christmas. Having a successful year and an amazing business partner gave me the freedom to book a last minute trip of a lifetime. 

What Word or Phrase Do You Overuse?
"For sure"

Your Favorite TV Show to Binge Watch

Favorite Real Estate Trend Right Now
Mitered edge, extra thick countertops

What Emoji Best Describes You?


Refreshing Marketing Basics This Fall

Perhaps one of the best ways for an agent to carefully reevaluate his or her real estate marketing efforts is by taking a careful look at email communications, according to Outbound Engine. With email marketing an agent has direct control, as it allows them the flexibility of not always having to rely on social media algorithms, for people to see the content they post. Data suggests that it can also provide a higher return on investment than other marketing options.

Further benefits via email

In addition, maintaining an updated email sign-up list can also give agents the consistent ability to reach out to people through social media because they can upload all the email addresses collected and search for those contacts via social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This provides a "double whammy," result, allowing contacts to receive marketing emails while also connecting via social media. Although it is valuable to maintain these channels of marketing and communication, agents should be mindful permitting just enough distance and time between communications to avoid coming on too strong maintaining/building their relationships with past and prospective clients.

Agents can always do more to centralize their email marketing efforts by pulling together basic contact information for hundreds or even thousands of people and putting it to the best possible use. Doing so properly could help them forge stronger connections in the fall and winter that can lead to more real estate sales in the spring and summer.

It still works

Many real estate pros might have abandoned blogging efforts because they don't always feel the time they put in provides a great return on investment, according to Forbes. However, if they redouble those efforts this fall - and think about new ways to distribute their content - they may be able to find a stronger foothold.

For instance, while blogging exclusively on an agent's website might not provide the most fertile ground, sharing that content broadly on both social media and email marketing may help to develop an audience. There are a few things to keep in mind here, though: Posts should be relatively short and digestible, while also being appealing even to people who might not (currently) be thinking about getting into the real estate market. 

It's also a good idea to plan to mix in some other media like videos or photography, and branch out from writing exclusively about the real estate market. Having video from recent local events or beautiful photography that helps people engage with local small businesses can be a great way to improve connections at this time of year.

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Improving Real Estate Photography

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One of the keys to a good listing is beautiful photography. It is essential for real estate professionals to know what works best in creating these eye-catching photos and what to avoid.

A big part of doing well with real estate photography is having the right equipment, and often the investment that effort requires will pay for itself in the form of more attractive photos that generate more interest, according to Fit Small Business. Wide-angle lenses, tripods and professional cameras will help real estate agents capture the beauty of the homes they're listing far more effectively than simply taking a picture with even an advanced smartphone camera.

Getting it right

Agents should consider the benefit of taking HDR photos, which involves using three different shutter speeds on the same photo, then digitally and automatically merging them together to make the photos that much more attractive.

Agents should be encouraged to think like photographers when approaching a photo shoot. They should take the time to set up shots, rather than clicking and moving on. Focusing on the lighting and carefully examining a room for the best feature to highlight are simple steps in gaining those professional results. In much the same way agents stage homes to make sure everything is just right for an open house; they apply that same level of attention to detail to the rooms in which they're shooting photos.

After the fact

Once a photo shoot ends, an agent's work isn't quite done, according to SLR Lounge. Pictures are then edited by going into a software platform like Photoshop and making sure everything they want to highlight in an image really "pops." While many minor edits that beautify an already-nice image can be done with just a few clicks, others may require a little more work.

Fortunately, for just about any issue with a photo, there are going to plenty of online tutorials - including some on YouTube that walk viewers through every step of the process - that can show agents exactly how to use even advanced techniques to get the most out of every photo.

Once all that is done, agents can then go through everything they've edited to select the handful of the most impressive and attractive pictures they took. Posting them on listing sites and social media alike will then help draw interest from prospective buyers in short order.

When trying to get a better handle on tackling real estate photography themselves, agents will likely have to take more of a trial-and-error approach, especially at first. Once they gain a little more confidence with their own photo shooting and editing skills over the next few months, that can translate to a lot more business down the line.

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Holiday Drop-By Gift Ideas for Your Clients

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Cooler weather, shorter days and colored leaves can only mean one thing: Fall. Yes, the break from the heat is nice, but the festivities that come with fall are really what makes it fun. 

As realtors, the small, “drop by” gift is always a fun way to get into the spirit of any season and we’ve got you covered with a variety of ideas!

Quick tip: If you are going to do a fall gift, be sure to give it early so your client gets it at the beginning of the fall excitement (instead of closing in on the holiday season), and they will be reminded of you throughout the season! 


  • Give a witch-themed bag of local coffee or tea to “brew” something up this fall season.

  • Drop off a bottle of wine with a note for a little “Hallowine” fun for your client to “Trick or Treat yo' self".

  • A flashlight for when things get “dark” and spooky! 


  • Throw together a “Trick or Treat” essentials kit with a large bowl, bag of candy, and a bottle of wine!

  • There’s something about fall that makes everyone a sucker for a house-warming, cozy fall scent. Drop off your favorite fall soap or candles to get your clients diving into the fall spirit.

  • Gift the infamous pumpkin spice latte to make at home! Put together a cute fall mug, along with pumpkin spice mix and a small bag of coffee to make a DIY PSL kit.


  • Everyone loves mason jars. Try your hand at painting a large Candy Corn Mason Jar. 

  • Gratitude succulents are a great way to gift a small succulent (as easy as plants come!) with a creative note of thanks attached. The perfect way to show your thanks with a plant that will grow with the client! 

  • Pull together a classy, gold painted pumpkin with the house number stenciled on for a beautiful porch addition. Another option is to get a white pumpkin with the only painted required being the house number. (Bonus: Great for the entire fall season and not just Halloween!)

  • personalized door hanging is a fancy way of saying “small door sign”. Check out etsy and Pinterest for ideas on how to include your client’s last name on a piece of wood for an easy, cute personalized door greeting. Think how many times your client will be coming in and out of their front door throughout the season!