Improve Your Real Estate Game by Marketing Lifestyles

Improve Your Real Estate Game by Marketing Lifestyles.jpg

There are a lot of discussions today on the changing trends in real estate. One of the biggest trends in the Middle Tennessee market is the idea of selling a lifestyle instead of a house. Buyers are more and more looking at homes to suit more than just their physical needs (i.e. 3+ bedrooms). They want to move to a community that fits how they wish to live. 


Whether your clients are looking at high-rise condos or estate-style golf communities in Williamson County, it’s time to rethink your marketing approach. Start asking your clients the question, “why?”. What is important to them? They will be much more likely to buy when they can see how this new home will affect their day to day life. Five bedrooms won’t always sell them but, a community of like-minded friends? That’s a powerful motivation. 


Buyers are thinking, “How will this property help me to live?”. Answer that question for them! If you are listing a house, think through how you can answer that in your listing. If your listing is within walking distance to amenities or has an amazing pool, visually show that! It will mean significantly more to a buyer to see what is so great about the area rather than hear about it. 


Adding in visuals of amenities in the area may require more work, but it can also mean the difference as to whether your listing stands above the rest. 


Holding an open house? Perhaps hand out materials about the area, the local restaurants, schools, and what the neighborhood community is like. This personal touch will stay with potential buyers for much longer and influence them towards making a purchase. 


You can also use a lifestyle approach to market to potential clients. Use occupations, favorite shopping centers, and income levels to help focus your advertising to a more refined audience. Do you love selling upscale, modern condos downtown? You probably won’t market to an avid golfer looking to move to a gated community with lots of land. Make some smart and calculated decisions about who you market to. 


In addition, focus your personal branding on the lifestyle you would like to sell. Think about how your image impacts people’s perception of what you will sell them. Is your logo or website more casual? Or, is it formal and classic to appeal to more luxury listings? Whatever your specialty is, use social media, websites, print materials, and logos consistently to tell a buyer or seller what life you will provide them. 

If you want to read more about community living in our area, the Tennessean has a great article that can be read here!


Improve Your Real Estate Game by Marketing Lifestyles.jpg