9 Tips for Social Media Success as a Real Estate Agent

9 Tips for Social Media Success as a Real Estate Agent.jpg

Savvy real estate agents know that today’s buyers and sellers are participating in the market via digital tools. Websites, Twitter and Facebook feeds, and Instagram posts are changing the way people find and sell houses today.

For success in these ever-evolving media platforms, here are 9 steps for social media success as a real estate agent:

1. Make It Easy to Share

You want to create social media posts that are simple for people to share. Coworkers, spouses, partners, friends, and family members are often well aware of when someone is looking to buy or sell. Make it simple for them to share your posts by providing easy links to popular sites and to email or message someone with a listing.


2. Seek Feedback

Many of the social media platforms offer places for people to examine reviews or comments. Be sure to enable these features and allow people to comment or evaluate your services. If you are a good, ethical, reliable agent, these steps will only add to your reputation and spread your good reputation virally.


3. Use Digital Media

Today, your smartphone can take high-quality pictures and videos in high resolution. Use these skills to your advantage and give visitors a visual sense of a property you are representing. In some cases, you can even customize a message to a particular buyer as you shoot video of a new property and share it with them.


4. Add Landing Pages

To work effectively, your social media strategy should be integrated. Landing pages are websites that contain basic information and can encourage visitors to sign up for more information, providing you with valuable contact information for potential new customers.


5. Set Up Keyword Searches

Use available services to notify you when certain keywords or phrases are generated in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram posts. This information can be used to reach out to new potential customers.


6. Cross Promote

If you’re hosting an open house or a get-to-know-you event, be sure to cross-promote it on multiple platforms. Also, encourage people to share their participation within their own networks. When the event is concluded, be sure to share it (and photos) on your favorite platforms.


Make sure viewers can easily share your posts on their social networks.

7. Provide Value

Your social media posts should not all be listings or requests for business. Be sure to share insights about the market, your services, neighborhoods, communities, and other information you have available. By demonstrating value, you’ll establish your credibility and trust with patrons looking for a real estate agent.


8. Keep It Fun

You want to keep posts pithy, compelling, and, where possible, humorous. Posts shouldn’t be too long either. Keeping your posts whimsical can help to make you more personable and give you an opportunity to demonstrate your unique personality.


9. Keep It Professional

You should use your social media accounts for business only. If you want to share your political views, photos of family, or memes you think are funny to a business account, don’t. Set up separate accounts for personal and business matters and keep them separate.


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