Client Showings: The Essential Car Packing List

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While the decision to drive your client for showings is ultimately up to you and your client’s preferences, there are definite advantages to the classic setup. By driving your clients, you ease their stress of having to deal with directions, parking and logistics (an extra bonus for out-of-town clients!). Even better, the car rides gives time away from showings to get to know your clients and vice versa on a more personal level.  

On those days where you are trying to fit in as many showings with your client as possible, with no built in buffer time aside from lunch (which should be a local favorite, of course), the goal is to make the day as comfortable and efficient as possible. The trick to doing this is having your car packed and ready to go with anything and everything that could be needed to keep your clients happy, healthy and engaged. Nothing is better than happy clients after a day of showings! 

Category One: Tools

Whether you notice a sign you have up has fallen, or the client wants to take a closer look at the room sizes, crawl space or attic, be prepared with:


Rubber Mallet

Tape Measure


Category Two: Client Necessities

Don’t let anything stop you or your client from having the best set of showings possible. While some items like water bottles and snacks are no-brainers, go above and beyond to insure that no headache, paperwork issue or dead phone will put a damper on the day with this list:

Sheet for Buyer’s Notes/Buyer Toolkit



Hand Sanitizer/Wipes



Bug Spray


Cell phone chargers

Compact portable printer


Category Three: Kids & Dogs

The way to most clients’ hearts are through what is most precious to them; their kids and their dogs. Especially when it comes to out-of-town clients, there is usually no other option than to bring the whole clan along for a day of showings before the big move. One thing that is crucial to remember is that kids need entertainment not only during all those car rides, but also when mom and dad are going in house after house. To keep the whole family at ease, be sure you include essentials for the tag-along dog and kids in tow with these items:

Dog Treats

Extra Leash

Compact Water Bowl

Reusable sticker books

Puzzle Books (for different ages)

Coloring Books 

Headphones (for those plug and play moments)

Kid-friendly snacks

Bubbles (for staying outside with the kids while the parents tour the house)