End of Summer Pop-By Gift Ideas

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A quick pop-by gift can help real estate professionals maintain strong relationships with their clients and, potentially, foster additional leads going forward. The summertime provides the perfect opportunity for agents to do so. One popular type of pop-by gift revolves around being outdoors, according to Fit Small Business. Gardening tools often prove to be quite popular with newer homeowners in particular, because they might not have had much in the way of lawn or garden care tools when they moved in. These gifts cost very little and really add that personal touch allowing agents stand out in the minds of their new client. 

A nice potted plant may also do the trick - such as a cactus or flower, welcoming new homeowners to their neighborhood. 

Pastry or Snack Items

Locally made baked goods or candies can also be a big hit with new owners. Especially at this time of year, when many people are hosting parties and attending cookouts, a sweet pop-by gift will go over well with recipients along with their friends and family. 

Another great gift at this time of year - specifically because of those barbecues and other get-togethers - is a fancy bottle opener. This clever gift keeps the agent at the back of the client's mind every time they host a fun social event. 

A Little Bit of Branding

For agents who wish to go above and beyond, investing in some branded summer giveaway gifts, such as sunscreen bottles that come with the agent's name and contact information affixed to them, according to LRE Social. This can be given out in addition to branded hand sanitizer bottles, but the idea is more or less the same: Every time these common items get used, they will be a quick reminder of the good work an agent did when helping homeowners through the real estate sales process. 

This is also true of branded refillable insulated travel cups and mugs, which can be left in the freezer or fridge at this time of year, then used whenever a cold drink is needed. Plus, that insulation also serves a purpose when winter rolls around and people want to drink hot beverages as well. 

When agents add a little extra creativity in selecting their pop-by gifts, not only does it make a great impression, but it reminds their clients of that extra valued service which thoroughly guided them through the process of making one of the best and most important purchases of their lives. 

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