Facebook Marketing Tips for Agents

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Despite its recent headlines, Facebook remains incredibly popular among consumers, and for this reason real estate professionals may wish to master this social media networking site, as a cost-effective means of effectively market themselves. 

Facebook is mostly used on a daily basis and at during certain times of year, users often begin their home searches online, according to Easy Agent Pro. To that end, this creates the opportunity for agents to take advantage by leveraging their professional Facebook pages to boost engagement.

Where to begin
Assuming agents have a long-established Facebook page in place already, a great starting point would be focusing on their target market or individuals who would connect with their posts, and the content they choose to post. For instance, agents that give some simple advice to would-be buyers, or try to entice current owners to sell, will be more likely to see those posts clicked on or even shared. Facebook videos are also great items to post - including live streams of events like open houses - to boost engagement.

Furthermore, those agents who have a little bit of graphic design expertise may choose to mix in an infographic or two. These are extremely useful as quickly and easily break down answers to common questions or provide interesting insight. Infographics are often popular "shares" on social media, as are memes - which don't require as much expertise - pertaining to the real estate industry or local market.

Are ads worth it? 
Agents may also wish to invest a little money in targeted Facebook ads, which will make their best posts more likely to show up in the feeds of people who are on the lookout for an agent these days, according to WordStream. The first and easiest of these targeting filters is by ZIP code, which just allows agents to target would-be buyers or sellers within certain areas. After that, they can also whittle down their options to people who would be most likely to buy or sell (younger adults for buyers, older ones for sellers), and even target their ads by estimated household income.

Facebook now has targeting filters that will allow agents to specifically make their ads appear for people who are likely to be first-time buyers, homeowners or renters, as well as those considered "likely to move" based on their online histories.

Furthermore, Facebook allows for advertisers to post "Carousel ads" that allow users to click through a number of options. This provides a perfect opportunity for agents to show off pictures of their more attractive listings - also targeted by demographic groups - as a means of boosting engagement.

As with many other things in this busy industry, a little research into the best ways to engage with people on Facebook can go a long way toward establishing new relationships and, eventually, boosting real estate sales.


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