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Guess what Parks agents...we have another new marketing tool that you're going to love! Boost, offered by our App provider, Homespotter, is a new offering that automatically advertises your listings through the Parks Facebook page with no guesswork, effort, or cost to you! That's right, the cost of the initial five-day boost is covered by Parks! 

How does it work? Each of your new listings (residential and condos priced $125,000 or higher) will automatically have a boost created. You'll be notified and have eight hours to edit or cancel the ad before it goes live. It will then run for five days to an audience targeted to buyers who are interested in a listing like yours in that area. 




Watch this quick video to see Boost in action: 

How to get started: 

  1. Visit
  2. Use the "First Time Logging In" field and receive instructions for creating a password and signing in. 
  3. You'll be notified via email each time a listing is going to be boosted. From that email, you can click to edit the boost (for eight hours before it goes live), cancel it, or add your seller's information so they get updates too. 
  4. Right before the boost begins running, you'll receive another notification that allows you to see the live ad, share and interact with it, or show it off to your sellers. Read more here. 
  5. Anytime someone comments on the boost, you're notified via email! You can then click the included link to interact with the potential buyers. 
  6. If they click on a Boost, they'll be taken to a custom landing page that gives more details about the listing. 
  7. When the boost is over, you'll receive an email with a link to the boost's performance summary. You can show that report to your clients as well! 

Check out a preview of the Boost dashboard: 

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How does Engagement Work?

When you log into your boost dashboard, you'll be able to click on your boosts to see the engagement analytics such as views, clicks, and the number of engagements. You can even see if they used the built in mortgage calculator. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. How much does this cost? Unless you're creating boosts yourself, there is no cost to you for the initial five-day boost! We'll automatically populate the boost and begin running it within eight hours of it hitting MLS. 
  2. What is the criteria for automatic boosting? The listing must be for a residential or condo and be $125,000 or higher. 
  3. What about my current listings? We'll begin running boosts retroactively for listings that hit MLS June 1, 2018 or later. Listings that hit MLS prior to that can be run, but you will need to create the boost yourself and pay for the additional charges. 
  4. Do I have to have a Facebook page? You do not have to have a Facebook page to participate in boosts, but you will need one to interact with potential buyers on Facebook or to create extended/additional boosts. 
  5. What if my client doesn't want me to run boosts? You'll have eight hours from the time a boost is created to cancel it. It can be canceled after it has begun running, so if you miss the deadline, you can stop it at any time. 
  6. Can I edit the boost? In the eight hour window before the boost begins running, you can edit the content of the boost - the heading, the body copy, and the photo. After that, no edits can be made. 
  7. Can I show my clients? Yes! You can add your seller's information so they're notified of the results and can see the boost. Read more here
  8. Can I run the boost longer than five days? Yes, but you will need to input a credit card and pay for any further charges. 
  9. Does it work on Instagram or any other platforms? Yes! Instagram boosts will work just like Facebook boosts. Each boost will also get a web ad that will show up on other websites that allow automated/optimized ad placement.
  10. What if I don't want to manage this? Theoretically, you never have to touch your Boost account; we're handling all the hard part. Just be mindful that if clients ask questions or leave comments, they'll be expecting a response from you.
  11. How to I tell potential sellers? We'll add it to the next round of edits to the seller's guide, but in the meantime, we're working on a flyer you can include in your listing presentation. Check the Seller's Packet section of the media center on your agent website (should be added by 6/18/18). 

Have more questions? Contact the Parks Marketing Department at