Top Apps for Realtors

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Anyone in real estate will tell you, this is a very fast pace business. We know agents are always on the road or running in between meetings. Thankfully, technology has made so many strides to help make life just a little easier for busy agents. We've done our research and found the absolute best apps for agents to have in a few categories: organization, administrative needs, marketing needs, and real estate apps. 




Evernote almost doesn’t require an introduction due to its popularity! You can keep notes, save PDFs or images, and manage products all from one platform. They have personal and business accounts available. If you work with a team, business accounts allow you to share and track to-dos with amazing ease. They also have another app, Scannable, to scan documents with your phone into your saved files.


Google's suite of apps is similar to the Evernote concept. Your drive can store documents, your calendar, photos, spreadsheets, and more. The system is fully responsive in a mobile format as well as on your desktop. This program is especially good for collaborating (it's free)! If you create a document in your drive, you can invite others by email to review it or, give them access to edit the document. 


If you dread taxes each year, Expensify can help! Use Expensify to scan your receipts so at the end of the year you have records of anything deductible. You'll thank yourself next April!


Have documents you need to scan onto your computer? Now you can scan while you’re on the go! CamScanner uses your phone’s camera to capture images of your document. It converts it to a PDF that is easily emailed for your convenience.




This detective app is an interesting way to approach clients meetings. It's a paid app but it compiles a background on everyone you're meeting with before you even meet. It cross-references social sites and information available online to give you the best picture of a prospective client. The statistics on their website seem very promising for upping your sales ability!

Key Me

Key Me solves so many logistical problems! You no longer need to take a key from a homeowner to get a copy! Simply download the app and take a picture of the key you need a copy to! They will mail it to you or, there are kiosks all around Middle Tennessee for your convenience.




With Facebook changing its regulations, it's more important than ever to explore the option of advertising on the social site. Facebook has the largest amount of users of any social website or app so definitely take advantage of its inexpensive advertising options. Set up a new campaign, check out the insights from an older one, and reach more customers through this app! You can create ads on a desktop but, for ultimate ease, the app is very convenient! 


Canva is basically a graphic design service for non-designers. Of course, we have a professional staff of designers for your needs, however, if you want to put out something quickly or, maybe make a beautiful social media graphic, Canva is an amazing resource! With thousands of free templates, photos, backgrounds, and text, you'll have tons of options to create a gorgeous image! (If you love the quotes on Parks' social media, those are crafted in Canva!)  



Magic Plan

Magic Plan utilizes Augmented Reality technology to help you create an instant floor plan for a listing. Simply tap to indicate where corners and doors are the app automatically creates the floor plan. You can also add furniture to show clients what their new space can look like!



Ok, so you probably already know about these apps but they are hard not to include! Compare neighborhood average prices, homes for sale, and estimates all in one place! Whichever platform you prefer, these apps are necessary additions to any realtors' digital toolbox. 



Not to toot our own horn, but our app is pretty great! Search for homes, look in specific areas, and calculate a mortgage all in one place! Your clients can also select you as their agent and share their favorites with you!