Get to Know a Parks Agent: Glenda Victory

The Turner-Victory Team

42 Years of Experience

40 Years with Parks



When Glenda's children were born, she stopped working full time, but finances were always tight. Someone told her, "As much as you like to go to open houses, you should become a realtor," so she said, "Why not!"

She couldn't afford a sitter, so you piled the kids in the back of the station wagon to show houses, or they would go to open houses with her. Eventually, she became one of the highest female producers in Rutherford County.

She saw that the internet would be a gold mine for realtors, so she invested time in learning how to use it as a marketing tool. She received so many leads that her son, John, got his license and they continued to add agents to their team.

Twenty-seven years ago, she found the love of her life, Frank. THeir two pups, Snicker and Doodle, keep them young and laughing all the time. 

Apps You Can't Live Without:
Zillow, My Fitness Pal, Amazon Alexa

One Thing You're Happy to Splurge On:
Tools for my team

What Would Your Dream Home Include?
The ocean

Your Motto
Treat others the way I would like to be treated. My grandmother taught me the Golden Rule from a very young age and it stuck. I've tried to live by that as closely as possible.

Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in Your Community
Toot's or Demos'

If You Hadn't Gotten Into Real Estate, What Would You Be Doing?

What Is the Key To Success?
Treating others fairly and professionally, get along well with my competitors, and always look out for my clients' best interest and know how to win at negotiating for them

What Gave You a Magnificent Life in 2017?
In 2017, I took a trip to Alaska and the southwest, celebrated family birthdays, participated in my first 5k, and the biggest thrill was attending the SEC championship game in Atlanta and my beloved Georgia Bulldogs won!

What Word or Phrase Do You Overuse?

Biggest Lesson Learned from 2017
As a team leader, my team wants and needs more hands-on management and involvement. They want to be held more accountable.

Your Favorite TV Show to Binge Watch
Law and Order

What Emoji Best Describes You?