Giving That Extra Care to Clients This Holiday Season

Giving That Extra Care to Clients This Holiday Season.png

Real estate activity often slows down in the fall and winter. This is an opportunity for agents to give that extra care in helping their clients understand the effect this may have on their plans to buy or sell, but not derail them. Indeed, the extra time agents typically have as fall winds down can go a long way toward building better overall relationships with clients, because the kind of attention agents can give them will likely be considerable. 

When real estate professionals have a little more time due to slower activity, this can actually can be a positive, because fewer bids or a smaller number of homes for sale could be disquieting to inexperienced people on the market overall, according to Inman. With this in mind, it's vital for agents to regularly speak with those clients at this time of year, especially for current owners who may have entered the market as summer wound down, but still anticipated extreme demand, potentially including a bidding war. 

Getting in Front of the Issue

Agents should let their clients know ahead of time that the level of activity seen in the autumn often falls short of what's experienced in the summer. It's also important for agents keep their clients informed of any market updates they may have, even if the news isn't necessarily to their benefit, because it will help clients feel as though the agent they chose really cares about their welfare and keeps them in mind rather than simply calling back to return a message. 

In addition, when buyers or sellers start to get anxious, agents can take their minds off the issue by giving clients tasks to complete as it relates to the potential sales process. That could include wrapping up some minor interior home repairs that could boost the value of the property for sellers or preparing ahead of time by having all their financial paperwork in-order for would-be buyers. 

Know the Audience

Take careful stock of exactly who is looking to buy or sell at this time of year, and have that inform decisions like how to talk to clients and marketing to them, according to

At this time of year, it's often first-time buyers like millennials and empty-nesters trying to sell after their kids have moved out who dominate the market. While these are two very different types of audiences, their needs often fit together like puzzle pieces.

To that end, finding ways to effectively market to and communicate with both these groups simultaneously may not always be easy, but it's very often worth it. 

The more real estate professionals can do to reassure their clients at every turn, the better off all involved will be as they navigate the sales process. In today's market in particular, buying demand is likely to remain higher than what is normal at this time of year, but will still take a step back, especially as the holiday season arrives. This can serve as the ideal opportunity for agents to show they care. 

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