Closing Gift Ideas

Closing Gift Ideas Parks

The papers are signed and the (hopefully not too) long and winding road to becoming homeowners has officially ended for your client. A celebration is in order … and of course, that closing gift is on your mind. 

Closing gifts are not only a way to show your appreciation for working with your client and celebrating their new home, but can also be a creative way to show off your personality as an agent. Have fun with it! 

While the options for closing gifts are truly limitlesshere are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing:

A Local Welcome

Especially for clients that are new to town, a “local” gift can be an amazing welcome to the area. Whether it be tickets to a fun family-friendly attraction nearby or reservations for dinner and drinks at a favorite establishment, this could be your client’s entry to their first outing post-move in. Depending on interests, purchasing a membership to a local nature center, botanical garden or museum might also be the perfect local welcoming.

A Little House-Warming

Little touches go a long way when you are transforming your new house into your family’s home. A welcoming, seasonal wreath, nice doormat, house plants or flowers for the porch can be the perfect little addition to your client’s new home.

A Practical Approach

For some, closing on a home is simply the last hurdle before moving in and getting those boxes out as soon as possible. For practical purposes, clients might enjoy helpful gifts of toolboxes, unboxing kits (scissors, knives, garbage bags, cleaning supplies etc.), or a scheduled cleaning of the house before move-in. To throw in Parks items, visit our shop here. Don’t forget to change the locks before move-in as a much-appreciated option, as well!

A Simple Toast

Depending on you and your client’s style, a simple champagne toast after closing may be the perfect way to cheers the new adventures ahead. For a little something extra for the clients to hold on to after the toast, champagne flutes or an ice bucket that can be used for future celebrations is a special something to add in for the clients to take keep.

An Artful Addition

A special something for the client to be able to hold on to for years to come is a sketch, painting or even well-framed photo of the new home. There are also so many options out there for personalized artwork featuring a Family name. Artwork and personalization is so important when turning a new house into your family’s very own home.

A Kid-Focused Approach

For clients with young kids, creating a fun, welcoming experience for the kids in the new house might be a top priority. Try setting up balloons in the kids’ new rooms along with a few age-appropriate games. This not only delights the kids, but keeps them occupied while the initial move-in is taking place. A win-win for parents and kids.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Sometimes, a gift that can be enjoyed over and over is the perfect way to be there for your client during the first chapter of their new adventure. Gifts that keep on giving can range from a more practical Costco or Sam’s membership all the way to wine or gourmet food subscription boxes, to magazine subscriptions. For the true homebody, a Netflix, Amazon or Hulu subscription might be much appreciated.

No matter what your take on closing gifts is, a simple hand-written thank you note, as well as giving the gift in person goes a long way. Happy Closing Day, everyone!