How to Grow Your Presence On Social Media

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In a day and age where everyone and their dog (literally), is fighting for airtime on social media, it’s more important than ever to put thought into your social media presence, and focus your efforts. Here are some ways to think about and strategically work to grow your social presence. Who knows, it could even be, dare we say … fun?

Provide Value

Just like any other marketing you do, whether it be direct mailing, or email newsletters - providing real value is going to be a huge reason people read what you are saying. The best part about providing value with you being your own brand is that the value can be whatever you feel good about. This can look like everything from providing comps on area homes to what the best places in town for ice cream are! 


Think of this as a hybrid between a paid ad and a typical social post. If someone you have worked with has a big following in your community, take hold of the opportunity and have them post about you! It serves as a sort of social media testimonial, and you will without a doubt get some additional following.

Be Authentic (Or at least behind the scenes)

People are tired of social media being purely the highlight real of someone’s life or company. Be authentic (we know, easier said than done), but show people the real you that your friends and family know and love. If that feels like too tall of an order to dive right into being vulnerable - start with sharing more behind the scenes information and footage. People love knowing what goes on “behind the scenes” in whatever capacity that takes, so give your followers a little more of that “insider” info about you, your company, or even just your day-to-day as being a realtor!

Different, for Different Channels

As you are planning out your strategy, don’t forget that different channels provide different perks (we’re looking at you, Instagram Stories!), and different tones. LinkedIn may look a little more professional and a little less authentic, whereas Instagram can be incredibly easy to snap video here and there and add it to your story as less official, and more “behind the scenes” content.


Historically, video ranks highest on each social media platform for organic reach. Not to mention, video is just plain and simple, the more engaging way of posting content. With that being said - posting video can feel like something that is out of reach. Have no fear though, with iPhones and social “stories” on Instagram and Facebook, video is more and more becoming something you can literally hit record on your phone and upload. “Done is better than perfect” is what you need to think about in terms of video.

Speak to YOUR audience

Obvious as it may seem - don’t forget to take YOUR audience into consideration. It’s so easy to think about social media in terms of some generic audience that you don’t know - but rejoice that you DO know at least part of your audience. When planning your content and tone, think about specific people in your audience and speak to them. This will help you decide everything from what content is valuable to what channels are most important.

Be Interactive 

People like feeling like they are a part of something in social media communities, and it’s easier to do than you may think; ask questions, take advantage of the “poll” option that most platforms have now, and do giveaways. When followers feel like they are an active part of your social media presence, they are more likely to read what you post, invite friends, and continue to follow you!

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