Are Mailers Still Effective?

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Mailers feel about as old as the real estate agent occupation itself. In some ways that makes it feel like mailers are clearly the most tried and true version of marketing out there. On the other hand, with technology and so much progression, mailers feel like an outdated, potentially lacking tactic. So what are our thoughts?

In short, they are effective. 

However, not just in any way. It must be done in a strategic and targeted way, with a clear, consistent message.

What do we mean by targeted? 

Targeting is so important because results are seen only when you are sending within your realm of influence, or a potential (reasonably sized) realm of influence. Choosing an area that you have a hold on in any way already will help this process. At the very least target a specific zip code - but typically, the more specific list the better. Try by neighborhood, or even specific demographics on the type of people or properties. Typically, the more specific a list, the more expensive - but the more specific a target audience the better results. Try to find a sweet spot between just ordering each address in an area and a more targeted audience. 

Consistency also matters. 

Mailers are not a one and done thing. There needs to be recognition. Typically once every other month is a good rule of thumb, or depending on the content or approach you are going with, each time a specific event happens, like a sold house in the neighborhood. You want people to come to know and expect your piece of news in the mail! Remember to always relate back to your website or a central point of communication where they can reach you, but do not use just a phone number because no one wants to jump directly on the phone with someone that they think will just be selling them.

Don’t forget helpful content. 

Because we certainly don’t want to end up in the junk mail category, always ask yourself, “What’s in it for them?”. You want someone to gain something valuable from your mailer. This may be “Just Sold” postcards, magnets with a calendar community events for the season, any sort of comps, or helpful tips that are specific to your audience. With each mailer and valuable piece of information, be sure to create a compelling call to action to give them a reason, or at least a nudge to contact you. 

The best way to know if mailers are effective for you is to track your results. 

Keep a record of how much the overall cost of the mailer was and how many leads and ultimately how many clients can be traced back to the mailer. As most marketing costs go, you only usually need one client to make it all worth it!

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