Why Facebook is a Great Tool for Real Estate Professionals

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Many agents rely on social media to reach clients on an ongoing basis, but experts say those efforts should include using Facebook first and foremost. This is the network with the most daily users, which allows for the most flexibility in types of content that can be posted. That alone makes it invaluable for real estate professionals' marketing strategies.

When getting off on the right foot with Facebook marketing, agents should start with a professional or business page - not just a personal account - and think of a great hook that will immediately draw the attention of any visitor, according to Inman. And while that may seem to be a relatively simple thing to consider, there's a lot that goes into making the page stand out. Agents will want to use as many beautiful high-resolution photos of themselves and their listings as they can to really make the page eye-catching and professional.

Will ads work?

The good news for agents just launching or expanding their Facebook pages with an eye toward being as comprehensive as possible is targeted ads really do work in this industry. That's because they can be hyper-focused to very particular demographics on Facebook, which is another reason why knowing one's audience is so important.

For instance, writing a strong call to action is great in theory, but in practice it requires a solid understanding of what the preferred client looks like. For instance, if you're trying to target sellers, it's critical to tailor that CTA to the kind of people who may be on the fence about listing their homes. Likewise, if agents want to connect with would-be buyers, letting them know why they should work with you through that process is key.

Going above and beyond

Moreover, it's worth noting that when people conduct web searches for local agents, they more or less expect agents to have existing and active Facebook pages, according to Paradym. Those who don't meet that expectation may be viewed as being behind the times. Another reason this can be helpful, however, is that it allows interested leads to reach agents proactively, via Messenger, with any questions they may have. Agents can also use that opportunity to set up an AI-based chatbot that will quickly and easily answer basic questions and otherwise bin people who into groups with actionable data for agents.

Of course, the real hook of any Facebook page will be the content agent's posts. Because Facebook allows users to upload just about anything - photo slideshows, videos, live stream Q&As or listing walkthroughs, blog posts, polls and more - it's an incredibly effective weapon in any agent's marketing arsenal, almost immediately and regardless of their level of expertise on the platform.

With that in mind, it's important for agents to dive into the medium as soon as possible and begin experimenting with everything that may help them better connect with would-be clients. They may find that the more time they devote to the effort, the better off they will be in mastering it.

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