5 Signs You're Killing It This Busy Season

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The sun is out … and so are the home buyers! While the rest of the world is slowing down, it probably feels like you are busier than ever. Once things speed up, it’s easy to lose track of of how things are going in terms of your business. Give yourself a couple minutes to slow down, and check in with these five questions:

Are you keeping track of your goals?

Notice we didn’t say “meet” your goals? This check-in is not about meeting goals necessarily, but everything that comes with goals. Have you taken the time to write out your goals and map out exactly what your actionable steps will be? Have you set up metrics to track? Being successful in the busy season means staying aligned with your goals and keeping them top of mind! Use goals and metrics to help guide how you spend your time. 

Are you getting referrals and reviews?

How are people finding you? Are people contacting you saying that how great they heard you were from a friend of theirs that you worked with last month? Has someone mentioned they recognize your name from a conversation they had with a neighbor a while back? Keep it up! Keep wow-ing clients for those word of mouth referrals! In addition, don’t forget to get those you’re working with to write reviews for you. It’s much easier now than months after move in!

Are you engaging with your online community?

Can’t remember the last time you sent an email newsletter or posted on social? Even in the busiest of times don’t let those things slip! The best part about engaging with your online community during the busy season is that you have plenty to talk about. Have fun with your content and keep track of the response. Watch those email open rates and social media followings soar!

Are your weekends packed?

Do your weekends feel non-stop? Then that must mean you’re getting yourself out there with clients, and into the community! Whether you’re touring around new families in town looking for a neighborhood, hosting open houses, or even getting involved in community events - you’re taking advantage of the prime times of the week! Just remember to take care of yourself, and alot yourself some time off during the week to relax and recharge!

Do you feel like you know everyone in your neighborhood?

Killin’ it in the busy season doesn’t mean you’re doing it alone! Community is so important. Remember to make ties with everyone from community organizers to other agents. You never know when those connections could become helpful (or you can be helpful for them)! Also, consider it a success to ask someone for help!

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