Video Marketing for Realtors

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As a realtor, you get to bask in the glory of setting your own schedule, creating your own priorities, and conducting business how you would like to. You even get to decide exactly how you’d like to market yourself! 


That last line not sit as well as the previous ones? We thought that would be the case. Marketing as a realtor is often left out of the “I love being my own boss” category, and instead just thought of as an overwhelming aspect of being a realtor. 


With so many different marketing options, it’s hard to know where to even start. Starting, however, is the most important part. Below are a few things to keep in mind when starting (or improving) your video marketing:


Spend Time Learning

Good news: You’re off to a good start by reading this article. Bad news: It takes a little more time to understand how to really make your videos shine. However, good news again: New apps, products and classes make video shooting and editing more approachable than ever. Even videos shot on an iPhone can now look amazing. To start, take advantage of the video editing apps that are already on your phone or computer. By just playing around for a few minutes you’ll already start to feel more comfortable and know what questions to ask. (Hint: Taking a very casual impromptu video with the front facing camera on your phone is completely acceptable!)


Upload to YouTube

With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, rest assured that your video will be found, especially when your audience searches for content related to your videos. (Hint: Be specific with your video titles and descriptions!). The other great thing about hosting on YouTube is that while the video may live on YouTube, you can easily share the link through social media, and use YouTube’s special embedding link to place videos on your website.


Get Creative with Content

When it comes to content, the options are obviously limitless. Not helpful, huh? However, it is helpful to think about how you want to be known as a realtor. Approachable? Professional? Neighborhood Expert? Make sure your videos align. Second, videos that are both specific, and give information that your audience would legitimately like to know will do best. Always get the same questions from first-time home buyers in the Nashville-area or worries about the neighborhood schools? Simple as it may be, think of the content that your clients are already asking for.


Short, Sweet, and to the Point

In the age of “scrolling”, people have a hard time sitting on something online for a few seconds, let alone a few minutes. Remember that longer videos do not mean more professional or informative. Be sure to cut to the chase and avoid any excess intro or outro time. Keeping videos 60 seconds or less, and ending with a specific call to action are two best practices to keep in mind.



Even though it may sound silly, strategizing with your marketing platforms is just as important as strategizing for other aspects of your business. Creating a plan and sticking to it will utilizing video feel less open ended, and easier to approach. For starters, there are two decisions that can get you on the right path. First, decide if you are allocating any budget and how you can best use that money. (Is it hiring someone to help you edit for a couple hours or buying YouTube ads?). Second, decide how much time you’d like to allocate and create a video schedule to keep you moving in the right direction. Nothing is more of a video production blocker than not giving yourself deadlines!