Email Marketing: Tips & Tricks for Agents

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Email marketing can help real estate agents and agencies share information and insights that lend value to buyers and sellers and potential clients. Real estate sellers and buyers are navigating the marketplace for homes in ways that make digital marketing a must for real estate agents.

Email marketing can help you build and solidify your business via useful tools that expand your reach and reputation. Here are a few email marketing tips & tricks for real estate agencies that build market share.


Content Rules 

You want to deliver content that readers want, need, and find valuable. Not giving subscribers what they are interested in will only leave them frustrated with you and your brand … and more unsubscribes. Content should inspire and lead to a specific call to action (more information, sign up for a consultation, or access special features, for example).


It’s Subjective 

Think about how many emails you get every day that you simply discard or unsubscribe from. It’s the same with yours. If your subject line isn’t compelling, you’ll have a hard time getting content in front of the eyeballs you want to convert into customers or referrals.


Segments Are the Real Deal

 Not everyone wants to read everything that you provide. That’s why segmentation is important. To be relevant, you need to create lists of readers who are looking for specific segments of information. First-time homebuyers are usually not looking for the same information as empty-nesters. Each group wants different insights from you. Don’t create a one-size-fits-all approach or you’re likely to create disinterest.


Make It Visually Appealing 

Infographics, great visuals, and powerful graphics and charts help to break up the wall of text and provide useful information in ways that may be more effective and memorable than your brilliant prose. Videos are another great way to communicate concepts and tips in a fun and effective medium.


Ask Permission

You may be tempted to simply pull all the email addresses in your database into an email newsletter subscriber list…. not a good idea. Not only may such a move alienate readers, it also is likely a violation of anti-spam laws. Instead, show you are thoughtful and considerate by asking permission of your would-be readers before filling their inboxes with your content. Your subscriber base might be small at first, but if the content is good, the reader population will grow.


Integrate with Social Media

Email marketing is a powerfully effective way to deliver content. It’s even more effective when you cross-promote your content across multiple social media platforms, drawing attention from potential new clients. Your email templates should also include links to popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, allowing your readers to act as social media ambassadors and spread the word on your behalf.


Make It a Priority

Most real estate agents are busy meeting with potential customers, showing homes, and attending to paperwork and listings. Your own marketing needs to be a priority too because if you do not get the word out about your expertise, you won’t have the base of customers needed to grow your business.

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