Get to Know a Parks Agent: Elliott Thomas

3 Years of experience
3 Years with Parks


Protege of Jack Miller
Partner of Ryan
Father of Buck
Twin of Evan
Alabama born and raised
Nashville rooted for 14 years
Belmont University
School of Music Graduate

When not showing homes with friends, I enjoy 🍷,  Parks on Charlotte, and 🍷 with Parks on Charlotte

Apps You Can't Live Without:
Homesnap and Over (graphics editing app)

One Thing You're Happy to Splurge On:
Closing gifts

What Would Your Dream Home Include?
I'm a simple man... a doggy door

Your Motto

Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in Your Community
Hugh Baby's BBQ & Burger Shop

If You Hadn't Gotten Into Real Estate, What Would You Be Doing?
I'd likely be confined to a cubicle, (faux) smiling and dialing as I cold-called as an inside salesman. 

What Is the Key To Success?
Working selflessly. Going to the extra mile or working the extra minute to help my clients achieve their goal. 

What Gave You a Magnificent Life in 2017?
Referrals. Not only did they keep my pipeline full, but they boosted my confidence, affirming my work for previous clients

What Word or Phrase Do You Overuse?

Biggest Lesson Learned from 2017
Easements aren't always... easy

Your Spirit Animal
Spider Monkey

Your Favorite TV Show to Binge Watch
The Handmaid's Tale had me binging pretty hard in 2017. "Praise be."

Favorite Real Estate Trend Right Now
Vintage Light Fixtures

What Emoji Best Describes You?
100 underlined

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