Holiday Drop-By Gift Ideas for Your Clients

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Cooler weather, shorter days and colored leaves can only mean one thing: Fall. Yes, the break from the heat is nice, but the festivities that come with fall are really what makes it fun. 

As realtors, the small, “drop by” gift is always a fun way to get into the spirit of any season and we’ve got you covered with a variety of ideas!

Quick tip: If you are going to do a fall gift, be sure to give it early so your client gets it at the beginning of the fall excitement (instead of closing in on the holiday season), and they will be reminded of you throughout the season! 


  • Give a witch-themed bag of local coffee or tea to “brew” something up this fall season.

  • Drop off a bottle of wine with a note for a little “Hallowine” fun for your client to “Trick or Treat yo' self".

  • A flashlight for when things get “dark” and spooky! 


  • Throw together a “Trick or Treat” essentials kit with a large bowl, bag of candy, and a bottle of wine!

  • There’s something about fall that makes everyone a sucker for a house-warming, cozy fall scent. Drop off your favorite fall soap or candles to get your clients diving into the fall spirit.

  • Gift the infamous pumpkin spice latte to make at home! Put together a cute fall mug, along with pumpkin spice mix and a small bag of coffee to make a DIY PSL kit.


  • Everyone loves mason jars. Try your hand at painting a large Candy Corn Mason Jar. 

  • Gratitude succulents are a great way to gift a small succulent (as easy as plants come!) with a creative note of thanks attached. The perfect way to show your thanks with a plant that will grow with the client! 

  • Pull together a classy, gold painted pumpkin with the house number stenciled on for a beautiful porch addition. Another option is to get a white pumpkin with the only painted required being the house number. (Bonus: Great for the entire fall season and not just Halloween!)

  • personalized door hanging is a fancy way of saying “small door sign”. Check out etsy and Pinterest for ideas on how to include your client’s last name on a piece of wood for an easy, cute personalized door greeting. Think how many times your client will be coming in and out of their front door throughout the season!

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