Snapchat for Real Estate: Is it Valuable?

Snapchat for real estate

When it launched in 2011, Snapchat was simply “just another” social media app. What set it apart from other social media apps was that its users had the distinctive ability to send short-lasting photos and videos to other users. Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., believes that it has a unique opportunity to change the way that people live and communicate by “reinventing the camera.” Snapchat can also be defined as a communication platform that empowers users to form community relationships through true screen-to-screen sharing of one’s daily life. Due to the amount of engagement that occurs each day through the app, it’s difficult to ignore that Snapchat photos and videos are leading to impactful conversations. 

With over 150 million users, the app accounts for a total of over 2.5 billion new snaps every single day. With this kind of engagement among users, it makes this communication platform extremely useful and versatile for real estate agents. Some of the unique draws of Snapchat include disappearing content, limited ability to add friends on the app, and no “likes” or “follower accounts,” which means there is no pressure for popularity. Not surprisingly, people born between 1980 and 2000, a.k.a. millennials, make up the largest demographic of Snapchat users. Many people in this age group are getting married, purchasing houses, and starting families, which makes them the perfect target for Snapchat-savvy real estate agents. Why is Snapchat such a big draw for sellers’ agents? How do real estate agents get the full bang for their buck when using Snapchat to sell houses? We answer these questions and more, below.

1. Demographics

Many current Snapchat users are millennials, and millennials are now coming of age. Marriage, mortgages, and having children are three things in the forefront of their minds. Also, in the next two to three years, Snapchat demographics are predicted to include a wider demographic, which means that you will be able to reach even more buyers via the app. 

2. Economical

Snapchat is a free app and doesn’t require any fancy camera to be able to use it. No exceptional photography or filming skills are needed because the content doesn’t have to necessarily look polished. In today’s Snapchat world, photos that aren’t as refined appear more authentic, and authenticity is in.

3. Create your personality

Snapchat allows its users (and agents) to personally brand their professional creations. Because the app requires you to take photos and videos in real-life situations, Snapchat will allow customers to see you, the agent, as relatable and authentic. This can be difficult to do with paid advertising. Depending on the type of agent you are, you may restrict your Snapchat usage to only business purposes, but if you also use it to share occasional snaps outside of real estate, customers will be able to see their agent in a more genuine way. Snapchat will make it easier to share your knowledge of different aspects of the real estate industry, such as property types, pricing, and real estate practices.

4. Time spent on Snapchat

People spend a minimum of 25 to 30 minutes on Snapchat each day, making the app even more popular than Twitter. App users with only a small number of contacts are still shown to be spending time on the app, based on their responses to messages and the fact that they continue to produce snaps on a daily basis.

5. Easily producible photos and videos

Snapchat doesn’t require any special photography equipment; you simply need a camera on your smart phone to take pictures or film videos on the go. This makes the app extremely accessible for agents with limited resources. It’s easy to take photos or videos of properties, neighborhoods, and local schools and attractions. Agents can decide how long he or she wants the snap to last (0 to 10 seconds) and can even choose to add a caption, filter, or geofilter. Snapchat allows users to share via private message, or to groups using a Story. Once the snap is uploaded to your Story, it will remain there for 24 hours for contacts to view.

6. Geofilters

Geofilters are location-specific filters that allow you to share your location with your contacts. They act just like regular filters; swipe across the screen to see which geofilters are available in your area. It is possible to create your own geofilter for a fee, enabling you to use your brand or business name, creating a fantastic, affordable promotional tool. 

When combining real estate and Snapchat, an outstanding and authentic result can be produced. The app’s on-the-go engagement allows for increased relatability to an agent along with showcased photos and videos. Don’t be afraid to try out the app and familiarize yourself with it. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities and the opportunities that it creates and its ability to take your agent status to the next level!