What is Marketing Touchpoints?

The Parks Marketing Team is growing, and because of that, we're able to offer you more services that help you keep in touch with your clients, but give you the time to focus on selling houses! In 2018, we're launching Marketing Touchpoints, a new program that follows the Ninja philosophy of using a three-touchpoint per month system to keep in Flow with your clients. Each is branded to you and includes your information and headshot or logo. Marketing Touchpoints include: 

Monthly Flow Postcards/E-cards

We've carefully created 12 unique cards, each with a different theme, that we're confident your clients, family, and friends will find interesting. Including topics like best new restaurants, great road trips from Middle Tennessee, and best dog parks, we're providing you with a way to touch base with your database with something that isn't real estate related. Good conversations don't always start with market information... 

Market Updates

...but some do! Each month we take the latest stats from Davidson, Maury, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, and Wilson Counties and compile them into easy to digest postcards/e-cards for you to send to your database, particularly to those who are considering moving in the near future. You can send one county, or if you have a client that is considering multiple new locations, you can send multiple cards so they can compare their two potential new hometowns. 

Digital Newsletter

Every month we put together a newsletter that combines our most popular blog posts, market update information, and Flow videos that correspond to our Flow postcards/e-cards. This is yet another touch that offers relevant real estate information, but also information that seems more personal, like community information and fun events in the area. 

Other Touchpoints

A couple of other opportunities to touch base with your clients plus show a little appreciation are also available that you may not have heard of yet! Lolo is a great new program available exclusively to Parks agents in Middle Tennessee that allows you to give monthly gifts to your clients. These vary month to month, average $15 per gift, are completely free to your client (no discounts or bogo's), support local businesses (the businesses are fully reimbursed by Parks), and cost you only $1 per client per month. What's the catch? We haven't found one yet. 

Another great, but often forgotten opportunity is to send your clients a copy of Luxury Portfolio. Each year you get to send up to 25 clients a free subscription (two issues annually) of the magazine with your information on the packaging. This is a $5 value per client, but you must submit 25 new clients each year. You can continue sending to previously enrolled clients (or to more than 25) for $5 per client per year. 


These have been, and will continue to be, available to you through the backend of the website for you to customize and send on your own. If you'd like a little help, the marketing department is here to do that! Simply email us at help@parks-realty.com to enroll. We need your database and a simple form filled out by the 15th of the month to enroll you in the following month. Each touchpoint does include a $5 fee, but, according to Ninja, should increase your productivity by improving your relationships with your clients. Luxury Portfolio and Lolo do not incur a $5 Marketing Touchpoint fee! 

Contact us today at help@parks-realty.com to learn more!