Sellers' Agents Should Encourage Clients to Use Home Warranties

Sellers' Agents Should Encourage Clients to Use Home Warranties.png

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With the amount of fervor among buyers that's still lingering in the housing market, sellers might feel they can eschew home warranties. The real estate professionals representing them

would be wise to caution against it. Despite the fact buyers are generally quite eager these days, agents should advise them about the benefits of having a warranty in place even before the sales process begins. 

The important thing to remember is that home warranties don't cover everything, but they do cover aspects of a home that can often be costly to deal with, according to real estate expert Robin Puckett. Typical home warranties will cover systems like heating and cooling, appliances like refrigerators and washing machines, and so on. A home warranty is a terrific benefit if a system or appliance needs to be repaired or even replaced. Of course, what is and isn't covered by home warranties - and the situations that necessitate them - can vary fromone situation to the next, so it's important for agents to share some advice with their clients, and let them make the most informed decisions possible. 

Why it Helps Sellers 

In addition to providing peace of mind early in the listing process, a home warranty can also be an attractive offering for people selling their home, according to FM Real Estate Update
That's because people looking to buy homes are likely on a tight budget, and every dollar counts. Sellers who have priced their home right may choose to pay for a home warranty to give potential buyers them a little more certainty. As well, agents often offer to pick up the cost of a warranty as a "thank you" gift for their clients. 

Make the Right Choice 

While sellers may sometimes be reluctant, agents will set them up for success by recommending they put a home warranty in place early, as a means of both standing out from the crowd for buyers, and boosting their financial certainty during the listing period. the more people know about what home warranties can do for them, the more eager they may be to get one in the first place, which will, in turn, lead to higher satisfaction among clients, potentially for months or more after a transaction is completed. 

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