Taking Your Contracts from Paper to Online

Taking Your Contracts from Paper to Online.png

Dotloop is the industry-leading real estate transaction management platform. It connects everything necessary to complete a real estate transaction. Here at Parks Realty, we provide all of our agents with complimentary access to this top-tier platform.

The ultimate aim of Dotloop is to reduce the amount of paperwork for agents and clients to work on, thus shortening the turnaround rate for your transactions. Quicker transactions will translate to more time for you to focus on other aspects of your work, including facilitating more transactions. Ultimately this increased productivity directly benefits our agents.

The Dotloop system offers a loop approach, where loops are online workspaces in which people can perform all transaction-related business functions. Dotloop is specifically designed for the real estate industry.

Prior to Dotloop, agents had to ask their clients to sit down with them at each stage of the transaction and sign paper documents. Afterward, the agent was tasked with faxing this stack of documents. 

Dotloop was designed by a real estate professional to replace your form creation, e-sign, and real estate transaction management systems with a single end-to-end solution. Dotloop works on iOS, Android, and all desktop systems.

Now, using Dotloop, all parties involved in a real estate transaction can collaborate in one virtual place in real time, whether they are viewing, editing, or sending paperwork. Users are notified of new activity and will see a shaded-in progress bar that shows how far along they are in the deal process as they complete needed paperwork, credit card checks and similar types of forms.

Instead of storing documents locally, or storing various pieces of your transactions across multiple platforms, Dotloop stores everything on this one platform where all parties involved in real estate transactions may view and collaborate on documents online. 

Dotloop’s philosophy is that a document should live at dotloop.com and people should visit the document online to view, edit, or sign. This benefits all parties because the documents never get misplaced mid-transaction, and each user has access to all files from any web browser. 

This, combined with full activity visibility, also increases an agent’s ability to secure compliance at each stage of a transaction. Once transactions are happening in Dotloop, documents will no longer get held up at any point in the process.

Dotloop also offers a mobile app, which gives agents and clients on-the-go full access to transactions at any time. There are times when a busy agent may only be at their desk for limited hours during the day; Dotloop eliminates concerns about missed productivity during these hours away from the office. Clients love the rapid response rates that Dotloop facilitates. 
Dotloop is immune to the security risks and syncing hiccups that come with linking multiple software systems together. Rather than struggling to connect transactions across multiple platforms, Dotloop manages all real estate transactions in one place and communicates all progress and activity in real time.

Lastly, Dotloop makes it easy to stay on top your work; with workflow tools, automated audit trails, and unlimited storage for your transactions, you can breathe easy knowing that you are in control of your workload.

Should you encounter any trouble using Dotloop, they offer personable, personal support for agents free of charge. Dotloop is committed to improving the workflow of the modern real estate office, and they are always eager to help.