Top Reasons Agents Have the Best Job Satisfaction


According to a recent research study by the Conference Board, real estate agents are reportedly 28% more satisfied in their careers than those in other professions.

According to a McKissok survey of over 1,000 real estate agents, 8 of 10 said they were satisfied with their job. 

According to Parks? We love that our real estate agents have chosen a career they love with us. Here are a few top reasons agents have the best job satisfaction:

Flexible Schedule

Although there are of course long hours and crazy schedules, there is typically a flexibility in which you can make your schedule exactly as you wish. Being in charge of your own business and business decisions means that you can plan around the lifestyle you’d like to live. Work from home the first half of the day? Take that vacation you’ve been planning for months? Work the weekends but take Mondays off? For the most part, it’s an incredibly flexible world.

Helping People

What an amazing position to be in that you get to use your expertise to help others not only make the biggest financial decision of their lives, but to help people find a place that can truly become their home. Oftentimes the homebuying process coincides with other life transitions, so whether its a marriage, a growing family, a career move, or the many other usual transitions, you get to be a part of their team, cheering them on through a major part of their transition.

Being Your Own Boss

Being a real estate agent, typically means you are your own boss. This not only means that you can decide how you arrange and schedule your work weeks, but it also means that you are in charge of your own business decisions. You can chose to become an expert in the exact areas you would like to, spend marketing budget just so, and target a specific type of client. Every choice is yours. Creating a successful business by your very own decisions and work, typically comes with great job satisfaction.

Unlimited Income Opportunity 

While years of experience and number of hours worked per week typically factor into higher pay as a real estate agent, the beauty of it is that there is no actual limit! As with any career, you shouldn’t go into it just for the money, but if you love what you do - it’s certainly a bonus to know that you have no limits with the salary you can reach. Unlike positions with a base salary, real estate agents feel that there is motivation to improve their business day in and day out, knowing that they could reap real monetary bonuses. In addition, according to McKissok, the real estate world has a smaller pay gap between women and men than the national average at 14% difference compared to 20%. 

No Two Days Are the Same 

The real constant in real estate is that things are constantly changing. Working with different properties, personalities, day to day schedules, and different trends means that things are ever evolving and literally no two days are the same.

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