5 Ways to Keep Your Client Relationships Alive After the Sale


You know that great momentum that comes with closing on a property? Take advantage of that! It makes keeping up your relationship with the client that just closed, easier! Whether in the following weeks, months or years, keep up with past clients by thinking about these five ideas: 

1.) Comparative Market Analysis 

Providing a Comparative Market Analysis to your past clients every six months or so serves a few purposes. First, it keeps your past clients thinking about their own home value and the market within their neighborhood. Second, it is a reason for your name to run across the desk (or mail) of a past client while providing value. Third, if something does spark their interest whether it be in the selling or buying realm. you are the expert that they know they can get into contact with. 

2.) Host an Event 

Who doesn’t love something fun, and free? What about an event that you can bring a guest to? Even better! Think of an excuse to host a fun gathering, but that people likely aren’t bombarded by family commitments or other invites. Think: Kentucky Derby, a first day of summer celebration, a pumpkin carving event, etc. By inviting past clients and allowing them to bring a guest, you’re not only re-engaging clients but broadening your network one guest at a time!

3.) Newsletter 

Providing value is key to keeping relationships with past clients - and a newsletter gives just that. The best part? It is ALL you. Other than sending no more often than once a month, but at least once a quarter - your format and content is completely to your voice, brand and expertise. Think about giving added value by neighborhood specific events and news, along with what has sold recently, tips for home maintenance, etc. Hosting a small giveaway or contest for readers will help incentive for your readers to read the newsletter time and time again. Tip: While writing a newsletter can feel like an intimidating task, picture writing to a couple of your favorite past clients to get rid of the feeling that you are writing for a large, and unknown audience!

4.) Just Sold Or New Listing Cards

A simple way to keep those you’ve worked with aware that you’re still thriving in the real estate world is to send new listing and just sold cards. This is especially helpful to do for past clients within the neighboring areas that would benefit to know what was selling. Bonus? Sending “new listing” cards not only helps get your name out there again, but brings special attention to the house you are trying to sell. You never what past client is looking for a house or who they know that is looking. 

5.) Social Media 

Social media may seem obvious, but simply having accounts on social media, is not enough! Create a plan. Keep in mind that social media is not for sales, but to keep your audience engaged so that when there is a potential need for an agent, you are first on their list! Think of your own personal expertise and personality to create your content! The great part about social media is that you run the show and can post exactly what excites you about the neighborhoods you work within, and the people and properties you work with.

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