Tips to Get More Client Reviews


In a world where your reputation as a real estate agent is understood primarily via the depths of the internet by potential clients, it only makes sense that reviews are taken very seriously. Unfortunately though, having just a couple of perfect, glowing client reviews is not enough - the more reviews, the more comfortable clients feel taking the plunge with you as their guide. 

Getting more reviews takes strategy and diligence all in it’s own, but to continue growing your business is 100% worth it. The good news? By working in some simple tasks into your normal work flow, you could be boosting your review count before you know it! Try out a few of these quick tips:

Call Past Clients

It’s okay to play catch up! Go through your database and for those clients that happily worked with you (we hope all of them) but haven’t written a review, pick up the phone and give them a call! It’s much harder to turn down an individual phone call than a text or email.

Don’t Wait Until Closing

For a quick little mindset reference - don’t wait until closing to mention how important a review  is to you. By stating it all throughout the process, your client has no mistaking how important a review is to you. 

Add it to Your Buyer or Seller Checklist

Surely you have a process or checklist for a client to complete what is necessary when it comes to buying or selling their home. By adding in the review as just a part of that checklist, you are not only automating the ask, but reinforcing it each time they look at their to-do items for you.

Automate it with a Drip Campaign

Another way to automate (and keep automating) the ask for a review is to do a drip campaign. Go through your database and collect the email contacts of those you aren’t currently working with, but would still be great reviewers. Put them into a free or cheap mail service (such as Mailchimp), and schedule a list of quick messages to be emailed out on a schedule. Once you schedule your drip campaign to send, it is out of your hands!

Offer Examples 

Not everyone is a natural writer, and writing a review, even for someone you loved working with can be extremely intimidating. Help alleviate any potential of “reviewer’s block” and offer up examples of reviews that clients have written in the past for you. 

Post a Review of the Week

People like recognition, and something as simple as posting a “review of the week” on social media and giving a quick shout out can give someone that little extra nudge they need to fill one out.

Rewards or Drawings

If people “like” recognition, they love free things. Announce that you will do a drawing or giveaway for those that fill out a review between now and a particular date. This is a great way if you want a quick boost!

No Need for Perfect

One last hurdle to block for potential reviewers is giving them the relief that they can be honest! Clients don’t want the pressure to write absolutely perfect reviews (and in fact, having only 5 star reviews looks suspicious, anyway). Tell clients that you would love for them to be honest, and hopefully, if you did your job right, you can guess what they will say, anyway!

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