Prepping Your Spring Marketing Efforts

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Any real estate professional knows having a good marketing plan goes a long way toward boosting their efforts when the spring season begins.

The first step towards this plan is developing your marketing strategy, which may include both digital and physical materials designed to simply get agents' names out there, according to Marketing Real Estate. The planning for both online and real-world marketing should be uniform, though, so making sure to keep branding (fonts, colors, headshots and so on) and messaging consistent can really help an agent grow their potential client base once spring arrives and these marketing efforts are pushed out to the public.

A Face to the Name

While headshots are always a good idea to include, real estate pros would also be wise to make sure they are very visible in the area, creating awareness as winter winds down and spring gets here. This involves not just simply being more involved in local events like sponsoring youth or high school sports, hosting food drives or otherwise lending a helping hand with fundraisers, but also planning to do pop-by visits for people in their community.

Stopping in with a simple or modest gift - such as a branded bottle opener keychain or stress ball - will help to ensure that agents' names and branding are fresh in people's minds as they consider buying or selling a home at this time of year. Deciding on what the pop-by gift will be early on might help them make all the orders they need to ensure everything arrives on time.

Simply put, when people see agents are engaged members of their communities, they are far more likely to want to work with those pros during real estate sales.

Figuring Out the Process

When agents are helping people buy or sell homes, there is a unique, particular process they typically go through, according to Placester. While that process may vary from one agent to the next, however there's not much variation for the individual, primarily for those who have been in the real estate business for a long time. But for agents who might be thinking of shaking it up - such as by adding new tech that brings a "wow" factor to listing presentations - now is the time to experiment and familiarize oneself with the changes.

Examining past marketing efforts and evaluating the result will also go a long way. This may bring to light a resource that perhaps didn't work as well as hoped, or an area where the result was unexpectedly well. Either way, that kind of introspection might give them a little more to build on going forward.

By doing so, agents will be in a much better position to fine-tune their potential new approaches, or decide to keep things more or less the same as they had been, well in advance of the potential rush of clients they will likely face this spring.

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