The Home Tech Buyers Love

Many potential homebuyers today go into the process hoping their new houses will be integrated with various types of technology. Even if they aren't, these preferences may also be good ideas for agents to buy as housewarming "thank you" gifts.

Real estate professionals today are often broadly aware of the kind of home tech that has gained prominence in recent years - connected appliances, personal assistant systems, security, etc. - but may not know what, specifically, people are looking for today, according to Military VA Loan. While every would-be buyer is going to come to the real estate sales process with different expectations or preferences, having a general idea of what's out there, what it costs, and how it can also help sellers make their homes more appealing is usually wise for agents.

Increasingly Common

Because of the sheer amount of innovation in the home tech space these days, offerings now come in just about every shape and size. Among the increasingly common is varying takes on home security; while camera systems have always been available, the fact that they can now connect to systems that will allow homeowners to pull up live feeds on their smartphones makes them a particularly popular innovation that provides additional peace of mind at a low price.

The same is true of other home systems that can be accessed from a smartphone, such as garage door openers, lights for any or every room of the house, home heating systems and even the ability to see inside refrigerators while at the grocery store. Installing any of these systems can increase a home's value (from the seller's side) or present a good gift idea (for agents).

On the Cutting Edge

Other tech that's starting to gain prominence - and is related to home security - allows for owners to enter or leave their homes without using a key, accessing doors or windows in much the same way they would a password-protected web account, according to Home Light. In general, thinking about accessibility and convenience is the best way for agents and sellers to think about the ways in which they can meet potential buyers' needs and expectations.

Often, these installation efforts could even come as a total surprise to buyers, who might see something they never knew they wanted and be more enticed to enter a bid. That might be particularly wise for homes that may need a little extra work.

"Some buyers just don't have the vision to see what it could be," real estate agent Leighann Russell told the site. "[Such efforts can help buyers say], 'You know what? We don't have to do anything to this house. It's perfect. Let's go in at a strong price.'"

When looking for smart tech as a "thank you" gift in particular, agents will be able to get a better idea of what might go over well throughout the real estate sales process. Getting to know buying clients as people helps inform gift purchases that will be truly appreciated and put to use for potentially years or even decades to come.

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