Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts

Podcasts are the fastest-growing way for experts to reach their audience directly, and the topic of real estate marketing, entrepreneurship, and investment is no exception. From industry mainstays to plucky startups, this list of the Top Ten Real Estate Podcasts will keep you learning from the pros all the way through the coming new year.

1.) BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Podcast

Every Thursday, you can catch new episodes of the BiggerPockets podcast, the #1 Real Estate Agent Marketing podcast on iTunes. Hosts Brandon Turner and David Green welcome fully unscripted guests, usually experts in real estate investing and entrepreneurship in today's economy. Listen in to glean insight into their paths to success, the many ways they’ve failed, and what they have learned along the way.

You may not have a real estate guru of your own to learn from, but with BiggerPockets, you have access to literally hundreds of in-depth discussions with the masters.

2.) The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

This podcast is a continuation of one of the longest-running real estate investing talk radio shows in history. Since 1997, investor Robert Helms has joined financial strategist Russell Gray to discuss real estate investment and share their business expertise with warmth and humor. Currently one of the most downloaded real estate investing podcasts on iTunes, this show is a master class in its own right. New episodes are posted weekly.

3.) Real Estate Coaching Radio

This prolific podcast posts new episodes every weekday, but the tips they share are well worth tuning in. Coaches Tim and Julie Harris have posted over a thousand episodes so far, covering topics ranging from inside tips, breaking industry news, interviews with industry leaders and thinkers, and advice gleaned from their many years of coaching. The sound quality on this show does vary a bit, but the conversations are well worth it.

4.) The GaryVee Audio Experience

Even if you’re new to real estate, you have probably heard of Gary Vaynderchuk. First gaining his fortune through his family’s wine business, Vaynderchuk has since turned his attention to digital marketing. On his show, he answers listener questions on business, investing, and social media branding. Listen to GaryVee while you drink your coffee to give yourself a motivational boost. The stories he shares will show you what’s possible, but he’ll be the first to remind you that change begins in your perspective before you’ll see it happen in your life.

5.) Coach Tom Ferry

Another famous name in real estate, Tom Ferry’s claim to fame is his real estate investment coaching and his own personal success. His podcast covers all things real estate and is intended for new agents as well as elite agents who have already gathered a following of the wealthiest clientele. Topics include helping agents to obtain new listings, advertise themselves successfully, and connect with clients effectively. With hundreds of episodes posted so far, you’re sure to find topics that are exactly suited to your current business needs. New episodes are posted a few times per month.

6.) Real Estate Today Radio

Real Estate Today Radio is presented for both buyers and sellers, making it a great podcast for you to recommend for your clients who seem eager to learn. Covering real estate investment, the ins and outs of mortgages, purchasing your first home, selling your first home, and virtually everything real estate. Presented by NAR, this series aims to be your favorite source for information you can trust.

7.) Calls with Chris Smith

Chris Smith has recently launched his podcast on the heels of his book “The Conversation Code.” Listen in to catch his take on branding in the modern era, business investment, and growing your own business from the ground up. This podcast is not appropriate for children due to some adult language.

8.) Real Estate Uncensored

With new episodes posted three times weekly, this podcast has hundreds of episodes for you to browse. Focused on delivering immediately actionable ideas for real estate agents and investors, this interview show is co-hosted by Greg McDaniel from the San Francisco Bay Area and Matt Johnson, real estate and PR guru. Listen to learn how to place over 100 calls per hour, how to update your open house technique for millennial buyers, and how to sell listings quickly once you do bring them to market. Grab your note pad for this one, because the information is coming at you fast.

9.) Hack the Entrepreneur

While Hack the Entrepreneur is intended for all businesspeople, it’s an outstanding resource for anyone who is starting their own business. If you like to prepare rather than be blindsided by complications, this is your new favorite podcast. Hosted by Jon Naster, best-selling author and successful business strategist, this podcast will prepare you for success in the business world.

10.) Harvard Business Review IdeaCast

This show isn’t specific to the real estate industry either, but it’s a must-listen for anyone in business, whether you’re on your own or managing a team of dozens or hundreds of people. If you want to become your own best resource for all things business, from marketing to management and the overall economy, you want to be listening to the HBR.

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