Buyside - Capture More Sellers

Parks agents, you’re going to love the new marketing tool you have at your disposal! Buyside, offered free to all Parks agents, is a system that aggregates the activity potential buyers generate online, in real-time, from sources such as Zillow, Centralized Showing and our Parks website. This data is then used by you to capture seller leads, win more listings, and close more sides.

How does it work?

Buyside uses your potential buyer data to address the two most important questions every potential seller has: What is my home worth? And do you have buyers for it? Integrating seamlessly with the Parks website, Buyside will provide homeowners with 3 valuations along with insight into the number of buyers actively searching for a property just like theirs – providing a powerful new way to generate and capture seller leads. 

Buyside helps Parks agents dominate every listing appointment by arming them with the ultimate differentiator: BUYERS. Parks agents will stand out by showcasing to homeowners a list of buyers actively working with your brokerage, who are a perfect match for their home. With Buyside, you’ll have the power of real-time buyer data to help you crush the competition every time.

Buyside matches more buyers to your listings, helping you close more transactions. Listings get promoted intelligently to agents with a matching buyer, selling faster. Buyers get the inside track on hot new properties, including Coming Soon Listings and Quiet Exclusives that they can’t find anywhere else. Buyside puts your Parks networking effects on steroids, helping you close more sides for greater profits!

Check out a preview of the Buyside dashboard:

Buyside Graphic.jpg

When you log into your Buyside dashboard, you will be able to see your all of your current buyers and listings, as well as all your valuation attempts, leads, and monthly reports from the last 30 days. 

Parks agents will also use the dashboard to access their customized “Home Valuation Site” and “Buyer Market Analysis” report generator. 

Look at a preview of the Home Valuation Site:

Your home valuation site will provide a seller with home value estimates, a buyer breakdown, and recent nearby sales.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 12.25.07 PM.png

Automated home value estimates can give sellers a rough estimate of the value of a home, which can be a useful starting point when they come to a Parks Agent for more information.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 12.35.41 PM.png

Using a proprietary algorithm, buyer breakdowns provide sellers with the best way to get a feel for the market and show them how many people are looking for homes like theirs.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.57.14 PM.png

Recent nearby sales tend to give sellers the edge in understanding what to expect when selling their home.

Check out a preview of the Buyer Market Analysis page:

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.10.39 PM.png

Using real-time buyer data, Buyside can gather information and generate a Buyer Market Analysis report within seconds to show to your sellers. The BMA will include home value estimates, a buyer breakdown, and recent nearby sales.

If you haven't already, log into Buyside and try things out for yourself! If you have any questions, Buyside offers amazing online customer support through their live support chat.

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