Boost Visibility in the Local Market with Non-Marketing Events

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Real estate professionals can improve their profile among residents in their areas by hosting charity events and other local efforts. While there may not be a direct, one-to-one translation in the investment agents make in their local markets, this provides a way to better establish themselves as vital members of the community and, in that way, benefit from a stronger reputation.

Agents are encouraged to give back to the community by hosting clothing and food drives, according to Home Value Leads, especially during this time of year as summer comes to a close and opens the door to cooler temperatures. Not only can this have a positive effect on the agent's standing in their local areas, but more importantly it can really help ensure people are safe, happy and healthy as harsher weather starts to arrive. Later in the fall, this good can also be followed by to host winter coat and accessories drives so that people can stay warm.

Other events

Of course, that's not the only way to be a good member of the community, and the fall presents a number of other opportunities to do so as well. For instance, with local high schools getting back into sessions, becoming a hosting sponsor of the football or field hockey teams (helping pay for uniforms or equipment, and so on) can go a long way toward helping kids or parents defray costs. For just a few hundred dollars, this kind of effort can set a strong example that the agent is heavily invested in helping out not only themselves, but their friends and neighbors.

This same logic can also be included for other classic fall events like town fairs, Old Home Days, parades, fun runs, pet adoption events and so on. As long as agents are not only lending financial support, but also becoming involved in the planning or hosting of these events in person, there's a significant benefit for all involved.

Staying on budget

Not every agent has hundreds or even thousands of dollars to spend on hosting these events, but there are ways to do so on a budget, according to We Are Bringing You Home. A little strategizing in this regard can go a long way, because it will give agents a good idea of what they can afford to set aside to fund their community-building effort and then find something that fits within those constraints by working with local businesses or organizations.

It might also be a good idea for agents to budget for some marketing around the events as well, even if it's just on social media, because doing a little more to get the word out serves the dual purpose of highlighting both the event itself and how involved the agent is in it.

Again, this kind of effort is about more than building an agent's profile, and providing some material good in their local areas should always come first. With that having been said, the tertiary benefits being heavily involved in the effort provides can't be overstated.

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