Pop-by Ideas for the End of the Year

For real estate professionals, a big part of the job is maintaining strong connections with past and present clients. With that said, popping by clients with a thoughtful gift is always welcomed at this time of year, as folks are often always in a joyful mood to both receive and give during the holiday season.

While a plate of freshly baked cookies or fruit baskets are still quite the popular pop-by-gift during the holidays, thinking a bit outside the box - with a little holiday spirit mixed in - really helps agents stand out, according to Building Better Agents. For instance, dropping off a customized ornament for a Christmas tree, adorned with a warm holiday message, is a great way to keep clients thinking of the agent all month long.

However, branding the ornament itself may not be a good idea. Instead, having a card accompanying the gift will go over better.

Practical Ideas

People often find comfort staying indoors at this time of year, and are more apt to make baked goods themselves; dropping off a branded rubber spatula, whisk or other type of cooking utensil can give people a little more reason to cook and keep an agent in their mind. Along similar lines, it's easy to get branded containers of lip balm, which will not only be useful for the holidays, but also throughout the coming months.

Other useful pop-by gifts for the holidays are power strips or extension cords, which can come in handy especially when parents and kids start unwrapping their gifts. Along similar lines, a nice pack of batteries to power whatever new toys kids get can be quite popular.

Unexpected Treats

Drop off some branded containers of brownie mix or even chocolate mouss. This can help encourage people to stay in and make their own holiday snacks, and can be especially fun for recent buyers who may be planning to have people over for a big get-together in their new homes. Other items like fancy hot chocolate mix or coffee can also go over well, especially with so many cold mornings coming up.

Moreover, it's a great idea to provide gifts for the holiday after Christmas: New Year's Eve. Dropping off party supplies like noise makers or confetti can be a great way to get a laugh and stay memorable throughout the month.

Again, it may be a good idea, overall, to make sure any pop-by gifts are accompanied by a nice card with the agent's contact information. But beyond that, including a handwritten note thanking the recipients warmly for their business in the past, and wishing them well for the future, can be effective as well. That kind of effort may be seen as going above and beyond industry norms and really make agents feel like more of a member of the community than just another business.

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