Christmas Gifts for Your Clients

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Like many things in life, there are two types when it comes to holiday gift giving for clients. First, there’s the type of agent that loves the creativity, planning and execution of getting together unique gifts for their beloved clients over the holiday season. Then, there’s the other very real possibility of wanting to have a little something for your clients but not even knowing even where to start, and probably, just a little, dreading the process. 

Lucky for that second group, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite gift giving ideas for clients so you can jump right in to the holiday spirit ... and skip the research phase. 

Front & Center

A welcoming touch on your clients front door is sure to warm up any home during the holiday season. Gifting a wreath, garland or welcome sign (can be personalized!) is something that every homeowner could get behind.

Add a Little Green 

In terms of giving something that someone “already has” this is sure to not be an issue. No homeowner can ever have too many plants! Whether a potted seasonal plant for the porch, a small indoor succulent, or small tree that can be planted in the yard later, your gift will be a loving reminder of your relationship with the client. 

A Local Treat

Whether it’s for someone that’s just moved to Middle Tennessee, about to leave, or has called this region home for some time - everyone has a different relationship with Nashville, but local pride is always there! Giving a local food item lets them have a literal “taste” of Nashville through the holiday season. (And just maybe, they’ll share with their out of town friends and family!) For local treats think: local brews, local bakeries, a CSA subscription for the spring, a gift card to a Nashville favorite establishment... the possibilities go on!

Effortlessly Spotless 

Everyone loves a clean house and clean car … but most don’t love cleaning. For a gift that truly shines (get it?), give a house cleaning, or for budget purposes, a nice car wash voucher. During the busy holiday season, an act of service such as someone cleaning for you is quite the gift. One way to help lower the cost is to find a house cleaning service or car wash that would be willing to give you a discount for buying in bulk, or find a new service that is still trying to get business and would be happy to give a discounted rate for the advertisement.

Design Time

Whether your client is buying, selling, or somewhere in between, a little interior design inspiration is always a welcome surprise. Know someone with design chops? Pay them to do a set of consultation hours for your clients as their holiday gift! 

For the Guest Bathroom

It’s always a little more fun for new (or not so new!) homeowners to have guests come to stay when things are just right. One thing that’s easy to forget is providing toiletries for your guests in the guest bathroom. Help your clients be proud of their guest set-up by gifting a nice basket with everything a guest could want for the guest bathroom. 

Personalize It

Homes are extremely sentimental, and lucky for you - your client is either buying or selling one. Give them the gift of sweet, sentimental value by personalizing something (anything, really!), like an ornament, doormat, frame, etc. with their home number or address and they’ll be sure to hold on to it.

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