Refreshing Marketing Basics This Fall

Perhaps one of the best ways for an agent to carefully reevaluate his or her real estate marketing efforts is by taking a careful look at email communications, according to Outbound Engine. With email marketing an agent has direct control, as it allows them the flexibility of not always having to rely on social media algorithms, for people to see the content they post. Data suggests that it can also provide a higher return on investment than other marketing options.

Further benefits via email

In addition, maintaining an updated email sign-up list can also give agents the consistent ability to reach out to people through social media because they can upload all the email addresses collected and search for those contacts via social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This provides a "double whammy," result, allowing contacts to receive marketing emails while also connecting via social media. Although it is valuable to maintain these channels of marketing and communication, agents should be mindful permitting just enough distance and time between communications to avoid coming on too strong maintaining/building their relationships with past and prospective clients.

Agents can always do more to centralize their email marketing efforts by pulling together basic contact information for hundreds or even thousands of people and putting it to the best possible use. Doing so properly could help them forge stronger connections in the fall and winter that can lead to more real estate sales in the spring and summer.

It still works

Many real estate pros might have abandoned blogging efforts because they don't always feel the time they put in provides a great return on investment, according to Forbes. However, if they redouble those efforts this fall - and think about new ways to distribute their content - they may be able to find a stronger foothold.

For instance, while blogging exclusively on an agent's website might not provide the most fertile ground, sharing that content broadly on both social media and email marketing may help to develop an audience. There are a few things to keep in mind here, though: Posts should be relatively short and digestible, while also being appealing even to people who might not (currently) be thinking about getting into the real estate market. 

It's also a good idea to plan to mix in some other media like videos or photography, and branch out from writing exclusively about the real estate market. Having video from recent local events or beautiful photography that helps people engage with local small businesses can be a great way to improve connections at this time of year.

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