New in 2018, our coaching program, designed and taught by Director of Professional Development, Brenda Hines, consists of 52 online, weekly modules. The modules were developed to deliver knowledge of contracts and practice in using industry tools, such as RealTracs and Dotloop. These learning modules are supported by one on one coaching, using a platform developed to guide new agents to grow their sphere of influence and implement Ninja systems.

Brenda, whose background consists of both real estate and education, has created a hands-on approach that develops a unique path for each agent. Her courses are designed to be kinesthetic, a place where agents can learn and practice skills. Each opportunity is conversational with the instructor and the classroom, so Parks agents can learn together and from each other.

Seasoned agents have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and share their experience through voluntary participation as a mentor to new agents.


A four-day course offered approximately ten times per year, Parks University covers the basics of Parks services, real estate contracts and forms, marketing, and other core skills, as well as an introduction to developing business based on creating value and building relationship within your sphere of influence.


Parks is a dedicated Ninja company. The Ninja Selling system is based on the philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals. It is less about selling and more about how to create value for people who know you. 

Goals Of Ninja Selling: 

  • Increase your income per hour so that you can enjoy your life

  • Help you properly set goals and program your mind for success

  • Install a system that gives you predictable results

  • Install a step-by-step process that helps clients make good decisions

  • Utilize a system that generates a continuous flow of clients to you


  • Weekly Ninja Skills Groups

  • Dotloop Training

  • In-Office Sales Meetings

  • In-Office Trainings

  • Marketing Strategy and Social Media Training

  • Client Relationship Management Training