Menan Assefa Parks.jpg
Parks is different because of the people and our culture. The Realtors in our office are passionate about what we do. There is an unspoken desire for all of us not only to be high achievers, but also to support each other along the way. Our Broker works individually and collectively to help each of us reach our goals and holds us accountable for our work ethic and office participation. I have been pushed in a positive direction and have wonderful role models around me encouraging me.
— Menan Assefa, Realtor
Sonia Fujino Parks.jpg
We have an office full of educators, from our awesome brokers, to real estate educators, to fellow agents that are always willing to share their knowledge and help teach newbies the ropes.
— Sonia Fujino, Affiliate Broker
Rita Hamilton Parks.jpg
Our support staff is knowledgeable, efficient, and very pleasant. Their helpfulness is unmatched anywhere else.
— Rita Hamilton, Realtor

Patty Marschel Parks
It is so important to be a part of a company that is constantly in touch with developing the agents, growing the leadership teams, and staff support. There could not be a better combination of leadership, marketing, agent development tools available with any other real estate company. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this company for over 20 years.
— Patty Marschel, Agent
Todd Bradley Parks.jpg
There is a professionalism that is casual at first glance but unparalleled in my experience. There is a sense of family and support that is crucial in today’s work culture... It’s truly outstanding!
— Todd Bradley, Realtor
Debbie Coleman Parks.jpg
This company is special because of the care and concern for employees, agents, clients, and community.
— Debbie Coleman, Realtor
Justin Holder Parks.jpg
Family atmosphere, yet consistent top producers and the latest technology.  A culture that mixes great success and the appreciation for an amazing lifestyle outside of real estate.  An office lead by a trailblazer in our community- a person of the finest character, who’s always a call or text away.
— Justin Holder, Agent
Treesa Hudson Parks.jpg
I always feel supported plus I love all of the educational training if some new technology comes into use. I believe Parks to be on the ball in all aspects of the Real Estate profession.
— Treesa Hudson, Affiliate Broker
Glenda Victory Parks.jpg
We are professionals and that is recognized in the marketplace... The company provides excellent training for new agents as well as seasoned agents.
— Glenda Victory, Agent