In-Office Help

Whether you need immediate help or ongoing support, we are here for you. When agents spend less time on paperwork and coordinating business incidentals, they have time to focus on high gain activities, or simply enjoying life. Our office managers and admins are here to help with everything from greeting your clients with a smiling face to assisting with paperwork or marketing efforts. 


New agents can develop tremendous knowledge and skills by working with an experienced agent in a mentor relationship. Parks encourages these relationships and created the mentor program to help meet the needs of new agents. Participation is voluntary by both the new and experienced agents and is overseen by your managing broker. An interview between both agents will be conducted to ensure the right fit before commitment. To ensure that our mentors are prepared for the task, we only select agents in the top 50% of their office ranking.

The Mentor Program:

  • Helps familiarize new agents to Parks and its tools and resources

  • Instills valuable knowledge that can normally only be gained by experience

  • Provides new agents with a contact for various needs and questions

“Our support staff is knowledgeable, efficient, and very pleasant. Their helpfulness is unmatched anywhere else.”

— Rita Hamilton, Realtor