Get to Know a Parks Agent: Wendy Monday

10 Years of experience
7 Years with Parks

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Wendy is a Tennessee native and a 20+ year Nashville resident. She began her career in real estate as the Director of Marketing at The Governors Club and joined Parks in 2011. 

Her hobbies include Crossfit, and she wants everyone she works with to join the gym and workout with her. She is passionate about exploration, and travel is her go-to source for excitement. Her most recent trip was to the Amazon jungle where she achieved a longtime goal of holding a sloth.

Wendy lives in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville with her dog Tuesday. yes, that name gets a lot of comments. 

Apps You Can't Live Without:
The Apple Podcast app. I. LOVE. PODCASTS.

One Thing You're Happy to Splurge On:
Lately, it has been bathroom fixtures. I renovated one back 2 years ago and working on the 2nd now. I find that I can easily rationalize an expensive faucet with the reasoning, "Well, I don't buy these all the time. This is a special occasion." 

What Would Your Dream Home Include?
As many windows as possible. If could live in a glass, I would. I just wouldn't throw any stones. :-)

Your Motto
I like to be liked, but I prefer to be understood. I like to be direct and honest. 

Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in Your Community
Vui's Vietnamese Kitchen in Germantown. Fresh, local, awesome

If You Hadn't Gotten Into Real Estate, What Would You Be Doing?
Writing a book. In fact, I don't think it is an either/or situation. I want to write one this year, and it will be about real estate. 

What Is the Key To Success?
Being bold has never done me wrong. I believe in abundance, so if I make a bold choice and it goes badly, I can always get back to where I was before. Accepting that it is inevitable that sometimes you are going to fail and that it will still be okay is very empowering. 

Biggest Lesson Learned from 2017
Ask more questions. All the assumptions you carry around in your head are just that: assumptions. Especially when it comes to what someone else is thinking or feeling. That goes for colleagues, clients, family, partners, and friends. Ask the questions. You'll all be better off. 

Favorite Real Estate Trend Right Now
Black. Black paint, black cabinets, black trim. I can't wait for matte black appliances to hit our market. 

What Emoji Best Describes You?