Video Marketing for Realtors

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As a realtor, you get to basque in the glory of setting your own schedule, creating your own priorities, and conducting business how you would like to. You even get to decide exactly how you’d like to market yourself! 


That last line not sit as well as the previous ones? We thought that would be the case. Marketing as a realtor is often left out of the “I love being my own boss” category, and instead just thought of as an overwhelming aspect of being a realtor. 


With so many different marketing options, it’s hard to know where to even start. Starting, however, is the most important part. Below are a few things to keep in mind when starting (or improving) your video marketing:


Spend Time Learning

Good news: You’re off to a good start by reading this article. Bad news: It takes a little more time to understand how to really make your videos shine. However, good news again: New apps, products and classes make video shooting and editing more approachable than ever. Even videos shot on an iPhone can now look amazing. To start, take advantage of the video editing apps that are already on your phone or computer. By just playing around for a few minutes you’ll already start to feel more comfortable and know what questions to ask. (Hint: Taking a very casual impromptu video with the front facing camera on your phone is completely acceptable!)


Upload to YouTube

With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, rest assured that your video will be found, especially when your audience searches for content related to your videos. (Hint: Be specific with your video titles and descriptions!). The other great thing about hosting on YouTube is that while the video may live on YouTube, you can easily share the link through social media, and use YouTube’s special embedding link to place videos on your website.


Get Creative with Content

When it comes to content, the options are obviously limitless. Not helpful, huh? However, it is helpful to think about how you want to be known as a realtor. Approachable? Professional? Neighborhood Expert? Make sure your videos align. Second, videos that are both specific, and give information that your audience would legitimately like to know will do best. Always get the same questions from first-time home buyers in the Nashville-area or worries about the neighborhood schools? Simple as it may be, think of the content that your clients are already asking for.


Short, Sweet, and to the Point

In the age of “scrolling”, people have a hard time sitting on something online for a few seconds, let alone a few minutes. Remember that longer videos do not mean more professional or informative. Be sure to cut to the chase and avoid any excess intro or outro time. Keeping videos 60 seconds or less, and ending with a specific call to action are two best practices to keep in mind.



Even though it may sound silly, strategizing with your marketing platforms is just as important as strategizing for other aspects of your business. Creating a plan and sticking to it will utilizing video feel less open ended, and easier to approach. For starters, there are two decisions that can get you on the right path. First, decide if you are allocating any budget and how you can best use that money. (Is it hiring someone to help you edit for a couple hours or buying YouTube ads?). Second, decide how much time you’d like to allocate and create a video schedule to keep you moving in the right direction. Nothing is more of a video production blocker than not giving yourself deadlines! 

How Can Agents De-Stress When Things Get Hectic?

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Workplace stress is common not only in real estate, but all industries, especially at times when things get busy. According to Very Well Mind, experts have devoted a lot of professional energy toward ways of managing these concerns. When the right strategies are in place before stress arises, it's a lot easier to deal with the day-to-day of the job in a way that makes sense for agents based on both their professional and personal needs.

Where to begin
When agents wake up with concerns about the work week that lies ahead, that in itself places them in a tense state of mind at the very start of their day. Instead, if they begin the day a little earlier, setting aside a little time to read the news, to have a nice and nutritious breakfast or listen to music they enjoy, they'll be much better equipped to head to the office and start off on the right foot.

In addition, a little work to organize a day, week or entire month - so that agents have a better idea of what's going to be required of them at any particular time - can go a long way toward reducing stress. When agents have a schedule to follow, there's a lot less need to scramble, improvise or run around over the course of a day. Moreover, this can help agents stick to a schedule that works for them in terms of providing a strong work-life balance, and making them more comfortable when it comes to completing necessary tasks in a timely fashion.

Overcoming common issues
It's perfectly natural for agents feel a bit overworked at this time of year, regardless of how much experience they have in the industry. According to The Cut, taking the time to talk to other colleagues or even superiors about the issue can be a great way to deal with the potential stress, because if nothing else they're likely to find a sympathetic ear. In addition to simply being someone to talk out the issues with, real estate pros may also be able to make some recommendations about the issue based on their own experiences.

In addition, while it may not always be easy, it's still important for agents to take a day or two for themselves even during this busy period, because burnout is a very real issue in the industry. When agents aren't their normal personable selves who are on top of their game, some issues may arise during the real estate sales process.

When agents take advantage of their ability to properly plan for this time of year, they're much more likely to put themselves in position to avoid stress and get the most out of the spring and summer shopping seasons.


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How to Be a Community Oriented Realtor

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Realtors have the opportunity to be dynamic community leaders. Because you interact with your community every day, you have an understanding of your area’s strengths and weaknesses, the needs of your fellow community members, and it’s very likely you have connections all throughout the region.

Positioning yourself to invest in your community through service, leadership, or organizing will further your professional goals; however, it will also help you strike a deeply satisfying work/life balance that incorporates authentic altruism. Making time to promote the wellbeing of your community is almost certainly going to have positive effects throughout other aspects of your life.

This article is intended to give you some ideas about ways you can begin to emerge as a leader in your community. This list is by no means comprehensive, but hopefully you find yourself inspired to find an avenue by which you can best become a more community-oriented realtor.


1. Use the skills you already have.

If you have experience with children or teenagers, there are sure to be youth outreach programs in your area serving underprivileged kids. Helping these children gain skills and stability makes it much more likely that they will become healthy, productive members of society, so investing in them is investing directly in the fabric of your community.

If you are great with communication between team members, encourage neighborhoods to nominate leaders who can organize into cooperative groups. These grounds can facilitate communication and cooperation throughout town.

Perhaps you have prior administrative work, or have served on boards. These strong skills can be used for non-profit work or partial-profit work in almost any area you wish!

2. Create and operate a website that gives prospective home buyers a tour of key neighborhoods in your community. 

This has become increasingly popular with realtors across the country. In order to make the website as personal and interactive as possible, interview community members about what they enjoy about their location. Visit the local farmer’s markets and chat with produce experts, cheesemakers, butchers, and bakers. Interview a few school principals, inviting them to share what makes their school a wonderful place for children.


These warm, inviting gestures will help newcomers feel welcome and familiar with the faces and feel of the various parts of your town. They will associate your work with this feeling, and likely always remember your website as positively influencing their decision about moving to your area.


3. Organize charitable fundraisers.

If you can’t commit to a long-term project, fundraisers are a great way to put yourself out there. You can choose to benefit a children’s hospital, organizations that create housing for the homeless, or a local health clinic. The possibilities are enormous, and each one would give you a great platform for meeting influential people, people in need, and people who thrive in community service. Each of these aspects will contribute to you becoming more community-oriented.


4. Organize an effort to reclaim an abandoned building under the umbrella of a non-profit.
We won’t pretend this isn’t a hugely ambitious project, but it just might be right for you in your location. Many areas have old, beautiful homes and buildings that have been abandoned and left to decline. Any community would doubtless rather have a non-profit or partial-profit entity operating a charitable organization from one of these locations than see former beauty turn to rot. These reclamation efforts, like charitable fundraising itself, are excellent opportunities to work with a wide cross-section of people in your town.


5. Sponsor local foster children and organize toy drives around the holidays.

Foster children are a fixture in every community across the country, but they are frequently overlooked, marginalized, and made to feel “less than.” They often go without basic necessities like well-fitting shoes, warm jackets, and school supplies. Consider sponsoring local foster children so that they have the opportunity to feel a bit more like they belong.


At the holidays, new toy drives are especially helpful. Without donations from the community, many foster children will simply not receive ANY gifts during this time. This is heartbreaking for children, many of whom see other children opening and enjoying wonderful toys and games. Offering your office as a hub for donations is a wonderful way to generate happiness and joy for these underprivileged kids.


6. Volunteer.

If you feel like you aren’t in a position to organize something yourself, there are numerous ways for you to volunteer for already thriving organizations. Whether you volunteer at a food bank or spend one Saturday a month at a senior center, there’s sure to be an enjoyable way for you to take steps toward investing your time into your community.

6 Amazing Real Estate Instagram Accounts to Inspire You

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The marketing team at Parks often gets asked, "Ok, I created an business Instagram, now what do I post??" Instagram can be a trickier media platform just because everything is visual. However, there really couldn't be a better platform for agents! All your gorgeous listings are perfect for your Instagram account.

To help you find inspiration and new ideas, we've compiled a list of some of the best of the best on Instagram! All these accounts are outside of our market and hold new and fresh ideas. Let us know which one is your favorite!


1. The_Real_Houses_of_IG

Kate Runson transitioned from her job in finance to an incredibly successful real estate and design career. While a non-traditional path, her 1.8 million Instagram followers love her! She posts pictures of gorgeous homes as well as creative options such as "Choose this or that" style design posts. 

2. DustyJBaker

This California based REALTOR® offers a good mix of business and personal info on his Instagram. If you prefer to be more personally engaged on this platform, he is a great inspiration as to how to moderate business posts with family and friends. He also has a good eye for managing the amount of text he uses on his pages!

3. ChadCarroll

If you dream of living by the beach, then you'll love this account! Miami based, Chad Carroll has a great eye for color scheme and uses a mixture of single photo, multi photo, and videos on his page. Plus, the homes are just gorgeous! 

4. SalernoRealEstate

We're headed all the way to Toronto to take a peek at this amazing Instagram account! Mark Salerno has a really consistent feed. He almost exclusively posts exterior home shots with lots of images to swipe through. His regular prescence and identifiability has led 26.1k people to follow his page. 

5. Stage2Prop

While technically a renovation account, there is a lot to be learned from Colin and Tyler! They have really mastered the art of behind-the-scenes photos. Followers love feeling let in on the home process and seeing unique looks at our business. Invite them in by posting before and afters or the nitty gritty of your job and tagging them!

6. JoyceReyRealEstate

Joyce Rey is a top producers out of Southern California and her Instagram shows it! She mixes home pictures with videos and scenic shots. When she visits a listing, she often takes photos of the gorgous views or something surrounding the property and shows that off! With 51.2k followers, it's working!

Working with First Time Home Buyers

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One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of being a REALTOR® is working with first time home buyers! They have lots of questions and concerns that require addressing but, is there any better feeling than helping them find their dream home? Parks always wants to provide a support system for our Family of Realtors® so, we've compiled some things to remember about working with these lovely clients below!

1. Communicate Expectations
The Middle Tennessee Market is moving extremely quickly right now and that can be really intimidating! Make sure to prepare your clients with the facts, how fast they'll need to move, and what a bidding war could look like. Talking through possible stressors before they occur can help prepare your clients to make the best decisions possible!

2 . Stay Positive and Patient
The fact that the market is so hot can easily turn into a negative conversation. Though prices may be higher than normal, make sure to encourage your clients by reminding them of the great value that comes with buying a home and that interest rates are really low! It's easy to become discouraged in the current market so take extra time with your first-time buyers!

3. Communicate About Lifestyle and Culture
Make sure to ask your clients what kind of life they want to live! Millennial buyers are more and more concerned with the lifestyle and culture of their new neighborhood so come prepared! This can also come in handy if your client can't afford their dream neighborhood. Understanding what your clients are really looking can really help in showing them other neighborhoods!

4. Educate
Last on our list but probably the most important thing is to educate your clients! The Buyer's Guide that Parks supplies to their agents is an incredible tool absolutely overflowing with great info for your clients! We recommend giving a copy to all your clients but especially encourage your first time home buyers to give it a read! It's basically a crash course in buying a house! Make sure you're familiar with the contents before handing it out though, just in case they have questions for you!